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Timeline Cards

Language used for communication About 48,000 years ago
Development of agriculture Southwest Asia About 9,000 years ago
Large cities and societies appeared Southwest Asia About 6,000 years ago
Empires in East Asia (Xia) & Mesoamerica (Olmec) About 3,000 years ago
Roman Empire About 2,500 years ago
Great Pyramid at Giza built in Egypt 2570-2560 BCE
Long distance trade Asia (the Silk Road) About 1,800 years ago
Printing with ceramic type Eastern Asia About 1,000 years ago
The Crusades Europe & Southwest Asia About 700 years ago
European exploration & expansion About 600 years ago
The Protestant Reformation Europe About 500 years ago
The Enlightenment Europe & North America About 300 years ago
Industrial Revolution starts About 1750
First use of petroleum for energy North America 1859
World War I Europe & Southwest Asia 1914-1918
Adolf Hitler elected chancellor Germany June 1933
World War II Europe, Asia, Africa, North America 1939-1945
First nuclear power station North America December 1951
Development of genetically engineered foods 1980s
World population tops 6 billion 2000
Massive world population rise begins About 1750
World Wars between Britain and France end 1763
European wars of the French Revolution and Napoleon 1790s-1815
Slavery outlawed in Europe Early 1800s
Steam train invented George Stephenson 1814
Irish Potato Famine 1845-1849
American Civil War 1861-1865
Slavery outlawed in North America 1863
Air travel possible The Wright Brothers 1903
Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand June 1914
Television invented John Logie Baird 1925
The Cold War begins 1946
Iranian Revolution Southwest Asia 1979
Personal computers North America Early 1980s
Tiananmen Square demonstration East Asia April-June 1989
South Africa ends Apartheid 1991
9/11 Terrorist attacks on United States September 2001
World Wide Web invented Early 1990s
Facebook reached 1 billion users September 2012
First iPad released April 2010
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