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Chapter 1 Pullin


BC Before Christ
AD "Anno Domini"- year of our lord
BCE Before Current Era
CE Current Era
The Iceman -Discovered in the Alps -Copper ax
Archaeologists Scientists who examine objects to learn about past peoples and cultures
History The written and other recorded events of people
Oral Tradition Stories passed down by word of mouth that tell about heroes and events in the past
Geography Study of the Earth’s surface and the processes that shape it.
Prehistory Time before written history
The Stone Age -Three of them -Tools and weapons made from stone
Old Stone Age -Fire discovered -Hunters and gatherers -nomads
Middle Stone Age -More refined or advanced tools
New Stone Age -Farming is discovered
Nomads People with no settled homes
Fertile Rich in the substances that plants need to grow
Irrigation Supplying land with water from another place using a network of canals
Surplus Having more than what is needed
Artisan A worker who is skilled in crafting items by hand
Required for cities to grow Water, Fertile soil (for food), and shelter
Civilization a society that has cities, a central government run by official leaders, and workers who specialize in various jobs
Bronze Copper mixed with tin; much harder than copper
Two important inventions Wheel and axl; merchant ships
Social classes in large cities King, priests, nobles, artisans, farmers and common workers, slaves
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