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Sequence 5

Terminology Week 1

ataxia lack of muscle coordination
cyanosis bluish color due to lack of oxygen
pyrexia fever of 102F rectally or 101F orally
dyspnea painful of difficulty breathing
orthopnea Difficulty breathing in any position other than the upright position
apnea absence of breath
febrile elevated temperature
pallor lack of color
diagnosis determination of disease or condition through symptoms and diagnostic tests
pyorrhea red pusy, swollen gums
cerumen earwax
bruits abnormal swishing sound heard on auscultation
auscultation using a stethoscope to listen to internal organs
asymmetrical not being equal
homeopathic alternative medicine using natural methods of treatment
PE Physical Examination
hx History
CPX Complete Physical Exam
a- without
-pnea breath
hyper- above
hypo- below
dys- difficult
Created by: JDenning8984