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7th Grade Chapter 4

Mesopotamian Empires

The region known as the _______________ had rich soil that made it good for farming. Fertile Crescent
Created the first code of law in human history Hammurabi
Hammurabi created a _______________ in order to help control his empire and provide justice. code of law
Created the world's first empire (the Akkadian Empire) Sargon
Sargon of Akkad is credited with creating the world's first _____________. empire
Rebuilt the city of Babylon; Built the Ishtar Gate and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon Nebuchadnezzar II
Ruled the Persian Empire using toleration (which made him more friends than enemies) Cyrus the Great
Expanded the Persian Empire to its largest size; used minted coins; divided his empires into provinces controlled by satraps Darius
Rulers of conquered lands had to send ______________ to the Assyrian Empire for military protection tribute
Darius divided his empire into 20 _______________ each with its own local government provinces
The ______________ was 1,775 miles long and was created to be used for government purposes. Royal Road
Darius set up governors, called _____________, and used them to carry out his orders and collect taxes. satraps
a group of years with some distinctive feature(s) in common age, era, epoch
the horizontal lines on a map that measure distances north and south of the Equator latitude
the vertical lines on a map that measure distances east and west of the Prime Meridian longitude
0 degrees latitude Equator
0 degrees longitude Prime Meridian
half of a globe or sphere hemisphere
something written or created by someone who witnessed a historical event primary source
an account of a historical event created by someone who did not witness the event secondary source
the remains of early life that have been preserved fossil
a human-made object with historical significance artifact
As emperor, Cyrus established a policy of ______________ and allowed the people he ruled to keep their own beliefs and customs toleration
a skill in one type of work specialization
an amount produced in excess of what is needed surplus
the watering of crops irrigation
the cultivation of soil to produce useful crops agriculture
a group of people with similar customs, backgrounds, training, and income social class
The Assyrians sent the people that they captured into ______________, or forced them to move from their homelands into far away lands. exile
Which 2 neighboring groups joined forces to defeat the Assyrians? Medes and Chaldeans
Which rivers surround Mesopotamia? Tigris and Euphrates
Which empire replaced the Assyrian Empire? Chaldeans
Empire ruled by Ashurbanipal Assyrian Empire
Empire ruled by both Hammurabi and Nebuchadnezzar II Babylonian Empire
Empire ruled by both Cyrus the Great and Darius Persian Empire
The empire that Sargon ruled Akkadian Empire
human society with an advanced level of development in social and political organization and in the arts and sciences civilization
a person who specializes in writing and serves as a record keeper scribe
a belief in many gods or goddesses polytheism
fertile soil that is deposited by a river silt
a political unit that includes a city and its nearby farmlands city-state
What was the name for the shift from food gathering to food raising? Agricultural Revolution
Why were the Assyrians able to build and control such a large empire? strong army
Which modern-day country was Mesopotamia located in? Iraq
Modern-day Turkey was once called Asia Minor or _______________ Anatolia
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