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Special Collection and Procedures

Basal State the body's state after 8-12 hours of fasting and no-excersize.
Diurnal Variation Regular changes throughout the day (example: cortisol is twice as high in the morning)
TDM Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
Trough LOWEST serum level, immediately before the next dose of medication (30 min. before the dose)
Peak HIGHEST serum level, sometime after the dose.
BC Blood Culture to determine microorganisms in the blood
FUO Fever of Unknown Origin
Anaerobic sample first when using a syringe
Aerobic sample first when using a butterfly
Donor age at least 17 years old
Donor weight at least 110 pounds
One Unit of Blood 400-500 mL or 0.5 L
Gauge in blood donation needle 16-18G
Organism in Cold agglutinins Mycoplasma pneumoniae
Specimen tube Plain red incubated 30 minutes @ 37 degrees C.
Chilled specimen temperature 1-5 degrees Celsius and transported within 5 minutes of collection.
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