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Routine Veinpuncture

ICD-9-CM code Billing code used to submit charges for services to insurance companies and providers.
Requisition full name, DOB, sex, race If inpatient: also hospital ID number and room and bed number. Physician, test status (stat, fasting)
where to place the tourniquet 3-4 inches above the puncture site.
how long to leave on the tourniquet? < 1 minute
hemoconcentration increased blood concentration due to prolonged time of tourniquet
hemolysis destruction of RBC's, due to too tight or too long time of tourniguet
petechiae spots on skin, due to too tight torniquet
first choice vein MEDIAN CUBITAL
second choice vein CEPHALIC VEIN (thumb side) best on OBESE patient
third choice vein BASILIC VEIN (pinky) near the brachial artery
if it feels SPONGY, BOUNCY FIRM it's a VEIN
Allow alcohol to dry on skin for 30 to 60 seconds
Anchor the vein at 1-2 inches bellow the vein puncture site
Angle the needle 15-30 degrees above the skin
Tube labeling includes Patient name, patient ID#, Date, Time, Initials (or ID#)
If tube is labeled add Initials or ID# and time of collection
Created by: glamorousglenys