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Quiz Ch 12

The OIG is the? Office of the Inspector General
Furnishing a physician with the blood collection tubes that are returned to the furnishing laboratory for testing is compliant with what law? The anitkickback law
If a pt asks you to send results to anyone other than the ordering physician, what do you do? Call the ordering physician for permission
When a physician accepts something of value (remuneration), that is not needed for specimen testing and collection, what law is being violated? The antikickback law
This law forbids a physician from referring a sample to a lab in which him/herself or any relatives would gain financial interest. The Stark Law
The False Claims Act prohibits KNOWNIKNGLY & reckless disregard for the truth--specific intent to defraud is not required
Which act dictates QA, quality control, pt test management, and proficiency testing? CLIA
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act or? CLIA
This is the formalized monitoring of an organizations adherence to laws and regulations. Compliance
_______ was formed to prevent fraud, abuse & waste, while providing quality customer service. Compliance
This is essential to prevent overcharging the pt. Compliance
Health Insurance and Portability & Accountability Act or? HIPPA
If a physician or his employees can not reasonably use computers, lab equip, or free (courtesy) testing directly for the services provided then which law is being violated? The antikickback law
This is the law that applies to claims for services that not provided as claimed Civil Monetary Penalties Law
Drawing at a 15 degree angle, avoiding the basilica vein, labeling all tubes in front of the pt, observing the pt after the draw and containing specimens in appropriate containers & bags to prevent exposure will help the PBT? Prevent Lawsuits! :)
What can occur as a result of accidental arterial puncture or by going too deep for the venipuncture? Nerve Damage
Which law (criminal or tort) intends to harm the pt? Criminal law
Are most cases of pt harm tort or criminal law cases? Most are tort law--do no harm
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