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French Revolution

Global II Unit 02 The French Revolution and Napoleon

First Estate Clergy - Made up about 1% of the French population, owned 10% of land. Did not pay the taille
Second Estate Nobles - made up about 2 % of the French population, owned 25% of the land. Did not pay the taille
Third Estate Peasants, artisans, bourgeoisie - made up about 97% of the population, owned 65% of the land. Only estate to pay the taille
Taille Chief tax of France - did not have to be paid by the 1st and 2nd estates
Bourgeoisie Middle Class
Marie Antoinette Queen of France whose lifestyle caused resentment toward the monarchy of France
Louis XVI Absolute ruler of France who was removed from power and executed during the French Revolution
Declaration of the Rights of Man Document French Revolution that borrowed heavily from Locke, Montesquieu and Rousseau. Key ideas: All men equal before the law, free speech, religion and press
Reign of Terror Period of the French Revolution where the radical Jacobins sought out enemies within France and executed suspected enemies (often with the guillotine)
Jacobins Extreme radicals of the French Revolution. Led by Robespierre, they launch the Reign of Terror
Robespierre Leader of the Jacobins who initiated the Reign of Terror
Russia Napoleon's decision to invade this country proved disastrous as the harsh winter decimated his army.
Napoleon French general, who became emperor of France, adopts some Enlightenment ideas with Napoleonic Code.
Nationalism Pride in your nation or group OR the desire to limit foreign influence OR the desire for independence from outside rule.
Congress of Vienna Group organized to restore order to Europe following Napoleonic Wars. Goals: Peace, Compensation, Legitimacy, Balance of Power
Balance of Power ensuring no one nation becomes too powerful. A goal of the Congress of Vienna.
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