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Phleb Ch 7


Depth of the cut on a full term infan, no deeper than? 2mm
The safe area for heel punctures on an infant are? The most medial and lateral portion of the plantar surface
Capillary puncture: why remove the 1st drop? To remove interstitial (tissue) fluid
Warming the puncture site Increases the blood flow (arterioles/capillaries) sevenfold
Capillary puncture is most likely to become contaminated by? Hemolysis
If the blood is drawn too quickly the vein will most likely? Collapse
Hemolysis can occur when? You are squeezing/milking the pt with too much pressure
What is the 1st test required for newborn infants? PKU
Holding still and keeping calm Are critical to obtaining accurate samples from peds pts
Draws on children under 2 years Use superficial veins with a 23 gauge butterfly system
When a pt blood flow is inadequate due to dehydration/poor circulation (shock) what can the PBT do? Warm the site for 3-5min or massage near the site
Puncturing a edematous finger? Will contaminate the sample with tissue fluid
Always cut a capillary puncture Across the fingerprint
Elevated potassium, phosphorous or uric acid within a capillary puncture is caused by? Cleaning the site with povidone-iodine (Betadine)
Scraping the blood off the skin surface can? Hemolyze the cells & stop the free flow of blood
Capillary puncture depth for premature infants? 0.85mm
Excessive crying can result in? Elevated WBCs (leukocytes)
BLGOR blood gases, lavender EDTA, green (heparin), other additives, red (no additive)
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