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Wisdom Lit. BasicOT2

Which books are Wisdom Literature? Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs
Hokmah; Hochmah Hebrew word for Wisdom
Fear of the Lord Denotes piety in the positive sense of the word; possibly an exposition on TORAH.
Wisdom Genres? Proverb, Allegory, Dialogue, Autobiographical Narrative, Prophetic Address
Types of Parallelism Synonymous, Antithetic, Synthetic
Sitz im Leben life setting - Form Criticism - Gunkel
Form Criticism searches for the sitz im leben of the text, such as use in temple sacrifice.
Other Cultures who used Music in Worship Egypt, Babylon, Syria
D&L Date of Job open, not definite
Young's date of Job around Solomon's time; before Ezekiel
Genre of Job Wisdom Debate
Main Structure of Job 3 cycles of dialogues
Job's main point How to respond to human suffering
The Book of Job argues against this view Since you suffer, you must have sinned.
Main Theological Theme in several Wisdom books? God as Creator
When was Psalms composed? Between David's time and Ezra's time probably, 1000-500BC
Who wrote Psalms? David and others (mentioned in book)
Different Numbering of Psalm titles English - no number Hebrew - title = verse1
Mowinckel used Form Criticism to try and find the Sitz im Leben for all the Psalms
Enthronement Psalms Psalms which Mowinckel tied to a Babylonian New Year Festival baptized by Israelites.
Structure of Psalms? 5 books - each ends with a doxology; 1 and 2 function as introduction, book 4 is the heart.
D&L types of Psalms Hymn, Lament, Thanksgiving, Confidence, Remembrance, Wisdom, Kingship, imprecatory
Themes in Psalms 1)God as Creator 2)Man as God's subject 3) God as the Ruler
Basis of Proverbs Fear of the Lord
Author of Proverbs Solomon; likely compiled from his own wisdom and that of others.
Social Setting Von Rad - Royal Scribes working for the King
Genre 1)Discourses (1-9) 2)Proverbs (10-31)
Are Proverbs Timeless Truths Not always; some are for particular circumstances
Comparable Literature to Proverbs Found in Egpyt, Sumeria, Aramaic Ahiqar text
Maat Egyptian word which refers to order and harmony of creation
Structure of Proverbs 1) 1-9 discourses 2) 10-31 Proverbs
Name one scholar who says Proverbs is/was purely secular Eissfeldt
Hebrew name for Ecclesiastes Qoheleth
Qoheleth means teacher or preacher
Author of Ecclesiastes Son of David (1:1-2);
Crenshaw dates Ecclesiastes 250ish BC
Name given to Structure of Ecclesiastes Frame Narrative
Key Term in Ecclesiastes Vanity/Meaningless
Main Point of Ecclesiastes Fear God and keep his commands
Similar Texts to Ecclesiastes Found Mesopotamia, Egypt
Gilgamesh and Ecclesiastes metaphor of wind
Egypt and Ecclesiastes pessimism and frame narratives
Ecclesiastes aware of what Biblical Text Genesis 1-4
Song of Solomon after what book (Hebrew) Job
Song of Solomon after what book (Greek) Ecclesiastes
Authorship Solomon from title, and he's mentioned 7 times.
Why do some say Solomon did not write Song Greek and Persian loan words...
Genre of Song of Songs? collection of Poetry (D&L)
2 main ways Song of Songs is interpreted Allegorical (God and his people), Literal (sexual love)
Structure of Song of Solomon According to Merrill Chiasm
Song of Songs seems connected to what text? Genesis 2
Created by: JustinAllison
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