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Unit 2 Prof.- HIST

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians used __________ to develop their calendar. A) The Nile, B) Geometry, C) Religion, D) Astronomy D) Astronomy
Based on Ch. 1.5 reading, how often did the Nile River flood? A) Every year, B) Every other year, C) Every 10 yrs., D) Every 15 yrs. A) Every year
Based on Ch. 1.5 reading, irrigation was important along the Nile because _____________. A) It controlled floods, B) It made room for settlements, C) It provided water to drier areas, D) It made sailing easier C) It provided water to drier areas
Based on Ch. 1.5 reading, which phrase best describes the Nile River floods? A) A benefit to Egyptian farmers, B) A tragedy for Egyptian farmers, C) Unimportant part of river’s cycle, D) An event that occurred rarely A) A benefit to Egyptian farmers
Based on Ch. 1.6 reading, how long did it take to build the Great Pyramid? A) 20 years, B) 22 years, C) 1,000 years, D) 100,000 years B) 22 years
Based on Ch. 1.6 reading, what goal did the pharaohs want to achieve by building pyramids? A) To bring themselves glory, B) To help the workers, C) To save Egypt’s money, D) To change the environment A) To bring themselves glory
Based on Ch. 1.6 reading, what was one of the destructive consequences of building pyramids? A) The expense was very low, B) The pharaoh was proud, C) The economy was weakened, D) The pyramids were easy to build C) The economy was weakened
Based on the sphinx reading, what is the most famous sphinx? Giza Pyramids, B) Nile Sphinx, C) Great Sphinx, D) Thebes Sphinx C) Great Sphinx
Based on the sphinx reading, what kind of demon was the sphinx? A) Death + chaos, B) Good luck + wealth, C) Bad luck + destruction, D) Riddles + tricks C) Bad luck + destruction
Based on the sphinx reading, where did the sphinx originate? A) Greece, B) Thebes, C) Egypt, D) Giza C) Egypt
Based on the sphinx reading, which of the following does NOT describe a sphinx? A) Lion body + human head, B) Lion body + ram head, C) Lion body + bird head, D) Lion body + fish head D) Lion body + fish head
For which item was papyrus often used? A) Fishing lines, B) Building blocks, C) River rafting, D) Writing paper D) Writing paper
One of Ancient Egypt’s major products was ________. A) Gold, B) Grain, C) Stone, D) Wood B) Grain
What made Amenhotep IV unpopular? A) He destroyed the pyramids, B) He worshiped only one god, C) He unified Upper and Lower Egypt, D) He raised taxes B) He only worshipped one god
What were pyramids used for? A) Tombs for pharaohs, B) Grain storehouses, C) Large forts, D) Houses of worship A) Tombs for pharaohs
Which female pharaoh married her brother Ptolemy XIII? Cleopatra
Which of the following are NOT deserts that border the Nile River? A) Sahara, B) Sahel, C) Ethiopian, D) Libyan C) Ethiopian
Which of the following is true about the Rosetta Stone? A) Discovered in 1900 A.D., B) Contains two languages, C) Created in 96 B.C., D) Allowed us to read hieroglyphics D. Allowed us to read hieroglyphics
Which of the following jobs requires: knowledge of the five planets and familiarity with the new 12-month calendar? A) Astronomer, B) Chief Priest, C) Engineer, D) Pharaoh A) Astronomer
Which of the following jobs requires: strong leadership skills and proof of relationship to Ra, the sun god? A) Chief Priest, B) Engineer, C) Mathematician, D) Pharaoh D) Pharaoh
Which of the following jobs requires: the ability to cure infections with bread? A) Astronomer, B) Dentist, C) Doctor, D) Engineer C) Doctor
Which of the following was NOT a major achievement of the Egyptian culture? A) Could set broken bones, B) Developed the wheel, C) Identified five planets, D) Could perform surgery B) Developed the wheel
Which pharaoh built the temple of Abu Simbel? Ramses II
Which pharaoh changed his name to Akhenaton and believed in only one God? Amenhotep IV
Which pharaoh defeated the Hyksos and established the New Kingdom? Ahmose I
Which pharaoh is buried in the Great Pyramid? Khufu
Which pharaoh united Upper and Lower Egypt into one kingdom? Menes
Which pharaoh was a wealthy boy king? Tutankhamen
Which pharaoh was the wife of Akhenaton? Nefertiti
Which Roman falls in love with Cleopatra and later commits suicide? Marc Antony
Which way does the Nile River flow? A) North, B) East, C) South, D) West A) North
Who was the Egyptian god/goddess that protected people from illness? A) Ra, B) Horus, C) Anubis, D) Isis D) Isis
Who was the Egyptian sun god/goddess? A) Ra, B) Horus, C) Anubis, D) Isis A) Ra
Who was the first female pharaoh? Hatshepsut
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