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chapter 6/7 review

2 fingers tapping on skin Percussion
Platletes that release clotting substance Thromboplastin
Air or gas in plueral cavity Pneumothorax
Universal blood DONOR type O
Universal blood RECIPEIENT type AB
Apnea No breathing
Lymphoma Tumor
Device that measuers breathing compacity sporomatry
What structure is known as the wind pipe Trachiea
medical term for Nose bleed Epistsis
A foreign substance that activates the immune system Antigen
Which one is not part of the respiratory system Spleen
A mucus secreted from the lining of the respiratitory tract Phlegm
The large muscle that is important for the respiratory syster Diaphrgm
Inflammtion of a lymp gland Lymphadentitis
Term for surgical repair of the nose Rhinoplasty
Lab test for the presense of meligment cells Sputum Pystology
A specialist that deals with blood Hemotologist
Crackiling sound made durring inspiration Rales
Term meaning record of lymp vessels lymphangiogram
Where does oxygen and carbon dioxide accur Alveoli
inflammation of the lymph nodes lymphadenitis
Epsteine bar virus causes mononucleousis
Puss in plueral space Epieuma
What are the lymph nodes in the groin called inuginal
Lung tissue retains an excess amount of fluid Pulmonary adema
Surgical procedure of making an insicion into the tracheia Tracheotomy
Heretitary bleeding dises where there is prolong clotting time Hemophelia
What is dyspena Painful breathing
Narrowing of the trachea Tracheastenosis
A cell that has the ability to ingest and digest bacteria phagosite
a condition found in children characterized by a barking cough Croup
CBC Coplete blood count
blood transfusion that comes from another person homolougus
what is nose discharge Rhinorreha
the fluid water based portion of blood Plasma
what are the lymph nodes in the armpit called axillary
hemostasis stopage of bleeding
the total volume of air that can be exhailed after inspirtation vital compacity
medical term for producing pathogenic
condition which lung tissue colapses adelactasis
medical term for chest pain thoracalgia
the lymphoid tissue located in the nasal pharynx behind the nose adenoids
a disease by excessive abromal white blood cells leukemia
a blood test that measures the volume of erythrocytes in blood hematocrits
the passage way for air from the pharynx to the bronchi larynx
what tesst would you use for mononucleuosis monospot
medical term meaning surgical removal of the spleen splenectomy
give an example of active aquire immunity contracting the disease from vaccinantion
clear sticky fluid that remains after clotting serum
the pharynx is divded into 3 parts which is the most inferior laryngopharynx
which one is not a leukocyte hemocyte
a condition that produces to many red blood cells in bone marrow polycythemiavera
voice box Larynx
what is the surgical term for thorocotomy inscion into the chest caivty
Rhin/o nose
a medical term meaning visually examining the bronchus bronchiscope
what is thrombocytopenia decrease in plateletes
aggultin/o clumping
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