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Unit 3 Prof.- GOVT

Ancient India and China

___________ are two Han achievements. A) Paper and steel, B) Cuneiform and ziggurats, C) Papyrus and geometry, D) Sanskrit and the Vedas A) Paper and steel
According to Confucianism, who should play an important role in the government? A) Educated people, B) Artisans, C) Wealthy people, D) Military A) Educated people
Based on Ch. 1.10 passage, Children worked in the fields because A) The nobles forced them, B) Their parents were too lazy, C) Everyone needed to help, D) It was a fun hobby C) Everyone needed to help
Based on Ch. 1.10 passage, if a son became the head of the household, why did his mother have to obey him? A) He was stronger, B) He was younger, and so his needs came first, C) She did not have to obey him, D) It was her duty D) It was her duty
Based on Ch. 1.10 passage, what does “filial piety” mean? A) Respect only your grandparent, B) Children must respect elders, C) Elders must obey children, D) Respect only your parents B) Children must respect elders
Based on Ch. 1.7 passage, after the Aryans settled in India the value of cattle A) Stayed the same, B) Decreased, C) Increase, D) Was less than grain C) Increased
Based on Ch. 1.7 passage, Cattle were most likely considered sacred because A) They were very useful, B) They were rare, C) They were difficult to control, D) They were good to eat A) They were very useful
Based on Ch. 1.7 passage, which of the following products did cattle NOT provide? A) Meat, B) Milk, C) Butter, D) Wool D) Wool
Based on Ch. 1.8 passage, Chandalas were considered A) Holy, B) Strong, C) Wealthy, D) Untouchable D) Untouchable
Based on Ch. 1.8 passage, who is writing this passage?
Based on Ch. 1.8 passage, why were the Chandalas the only ones able to hunt, fish, and handle meat? A) They could afford it, B) It was considered an unclean job, C) They enjoyed it, D) They only lived in the country B) It was considered an unclean job
Based on Ch. 1.9, the similar roles of nobles in Egypt + aristocrats in China started w/ the upper classes A) In Egypt + was copied by China, B) In China + was copied by Egypt, C) In Egypt + China independently, D) In Kush + spread to China thru trade C) In Egypt and China independently
Based on Ch. 1.9, Early Chinese kings used warlords to govern territories because A)Each warlord would have an equal amount of power, B)Was difficult to enforce laws in a large kingdom, C)Kept the warlords busy, D)King had too much to do in his territory B) It was difficult to enforce laws in such a large kingdom
Based on Ch. 1.9 passage, Farmers in China belonged to the A) Middle class, B) Upper class, C) Lower class, D) Upper-Middle class A) Middle class
Because of its frequent flooding, the Huang He is sometimes called A) “Chang Jiang”, B) “China’s Sorrow”, C) The “Flooded Desert”, D) The “Chinese Nile” B) “China’s Sorrow”
China had its first female general during the A) Shang Dynasty, B) Zhou Dynasty A) Shang Dynasty
Daoists believe that people can find inner peace if they A) Become educated, B) Are controlled by a strong gov’t, C) Meditate many hours per day, D) Give up their worldly desires D) Give up their worldly desires
Founder of Confucianism Confucius
Founder of Daoism Laozi
Founder of Legalism Han Fei
Legalists believe that people are naturally A) Controlling and mean, B) Good and moral, C) Evil and selfish, D) Kind and nice C) Evil and selfish
Name the 1st Dynasty in China Shang Dynasty
The Chinese called their land the A) Center Land, B) Middle Kingdom, C) Inner Nation, D) Heartland B) Middle Kingdom
The longest ruling dynasty in China’s history was the A) Shang Dynasty, B) Zhou Dynasty B) Zhou Dynasty
Untouchables were A) High priests, B) Government officials, C) Members of the lowest caste, D) Under the lowest caste C) Members of the lowest caste
What did Buddha believe was the key to ending suffering? A) Abiding by castle rules, B) Giving up desires, C) Traveling and teaching, D) Obtaining wealth B) Giving up desires
What does “Buddha” mean? A) Bright One, B) Enlightened One, C) Chosen One, D) Contemplative One B) Enlightened One
What does “meditating” mean? A) To speak openly, B) To write poetry, C) To think deeply, D) To sing loudly C) To think deeply
What dynasty did Wu Wang create? Zhou Dynasty
What is ahimsa? A) Nonviolence towards living things, B) Detachment from desire, C) Extreme meditation, D) Belief that people are evil/selfish A) Nonviolence towards living things
What were some of the achievements of the Gupta Empire? A) Astronomy and farming, B) Paintings and religion, C) Make cotton cloth, D) Epic texts and mathematics D) Epic texts and mathematics
Which of the following are the oldest sacred texts of Hinduism? A) Four Vedas, B) Vishnu, C) Bhagavad Gita, D) Shiva A) Four Vedas
Which of the following is a force created by each person’s good/bad acts? A) Dharma, B) Caste, C) Karma, D) Sudra C) Karma
Which of the following is NOT a major Chinese philosophy? A) Legalism, B) Hinduism, C) Confucianism, D) Daoism B) Hinduism
Who created Buddhism? Siddhartha Gautama
Who were the leaders of the Harappan civilization? A) Artisans, B) Priests/merchants, C) Potters, D) Farmers/laborers B) Priests/merchants
Why was the number “zero” an important invention? A) Makes computers possible, B) Makes cooking easier, C) Makes architecture possible, D) Makes astronomy easier A) Makes computers possible A) A Buddhist monk from India, B) A Catholic priest from Italy, C) A Muslim imam from Qatar, D) A Hindu priest from India
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