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Unit 3 - 10-13-07

Aerobics exercise designed to strengthen the cardiopulmonary system.
Amputation removal of an extremity due to injury or disease.
ASL American Sign Language - method of communicating in which hands and fingers are used to indicate words and concepts.
Diagnostic a type of test, series of tests, or an evaluation to determine the extent of an illness or disease.
Diathermy use of heat-inducing wavelengths to provide muscle relaxation and therapy
EMG Electromyography - using an electromyograph to test the electrical activity of muscles.
Exudate accumulation of fluid, pus, or serum in a cavity or tissue which may become hard and crusty.
Isometric exercise involving muscle contractions with the muscles fixed in place so that the tension occurs without noticeable movement.
Isotonic exercise that maintains uniform (unchanging) tension or tones the muscles upon stimulation.
Physchiatrist a physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation
Prosthesis an artificial part of the body
Rehabilitation process of assisting patients to regain a state of health and the highest level of function possible
ROM Range of Motion - exercises used to develop and strengthen muscles and joints.
Sprain Pain and disability caused by trauma to the joints swelling, stiffness, and pain
Strain trauma to a muscle from excessive stretching or pulling.
Suppuration Process of pus formation due to pus
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