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MDA 141 Study Guide


Macular Degeneration Incurable disease that destroys the central portion of the retina
Cataracts Clouding film over the lens of the eye
Congestive Heart Failure Heart unable to pump effectively causing lack of blood and oxygen to the body's tissues
Dementia Brain disease that affects memory, cognitive function, personality
Glaucoma Increased optic nerve pressure
Cholecystitis Inflammation of the gallbladder
angina pectoris Chest Pain
Hiatal Hernia Portion of the stomach pushes up through the diaphragm
Rheumatoid arthritis chronic autoimmune disorder that causes joint inflammation and destruction of the joint
Osteoporosis lack of bone density
Colporrhaphy sutures of the vaginal wall
What does EEG do? Electroencephalogram. Diagnostic test records the electrical activity of the brain. Can diagnose seizures.
Where do we inject children under two years of age for IM injection? Vastus Lateralis
What is another name for spontaneous abortion? Misscarriage
True or False ... Candida albicans infection or monilial vaginitis may result from antibiotic therapy. True
What is the preferred site for getting a pulse on a kid less than 2 years old? Apical - listening with stethoscope to the 5th intercostal space - bottom of the heart - for full minute
What are the typical warning signs of ovarian cancer? Abdominal discomfort, bloating, gas
What is RHoGAM used for? If mother is RH -, to protect future pregnancies
Which procedure involves surgical excision of both fallopian tubes and ovaries? Salpingo-Oophorectomy
What is metrorrhagia? Bleeding between cycles
What is APGAR? Appearance, Pulse, Grimmace, Activity, Respiration
What is the least accurate way of obtaining a baby's temp? Axillary
Term used to describe the number of pregnancies that have resulted in a viable birth? Para or Parity
When would a women experience lochia? Post Partum
Which classification would describe a woman who has delivered one set of twins? Gravida 1 Para 2
What is the procedure for putting "tubes in the ears" Tympanostomy
Why is a tympanostomy performed? To allow for drainage of the middle ear
How many months old do we stop doing HC? 3 years
What is pediculosis? lice
A patient comes in for routine prenatal office visits. What do we check? BP to check for eclampsia, Weight, Urine to check for glucose and protein
What is it called when a doctor examines the entire large intestines? Colonoscopy
Which part of a child's ear is most often affected by ear infections? Middle Ear
What does the term dysmenorrhea mean? Painful/Difficult menstruation
What is impetigo? skin infection, honey colored pustules
Signs of possible testicular cancer can include ... Pain, lumps rice to pea sized, discoloration
How is Hep A transmitted? Fecal matter
How do you collect a pediatric urine sample? With a wee bag
What is the most common age of testicular cancers? 20-35 years old
Name 3 conditions that can be caused by staph? Impetigo, furnuncle, carbuncle
Can genital warts, that were caused by HPV, be a risk factor for cervical cancer? Yes
How many slides in a fecal occult blood test? 3
An abdominal ultrasound can be ordered to check what? Any soft tissue in the abdomen
What is meningitis? Inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord, usually due to the spread of an infection. Characterized by rapid onset, severe headache, fever, neck stiffness. Diagnosed only by LP.
What is the name of the disease characterized by viral inflammation of larynx and trachea with edema and narrowing of the airway? Croup
What neurological disorder causes gradual decrease in muscle control, involuntary tremors and rigidity? Parkinson's Disease
What about the integumentary system can change in older adults? Aging skin, hypo/hyperthermia, the brain may shrink, memory loss or delay, TIAs, muscle strength can decrease, decreased mobility, less flexible joints, arthritis, osteoporosis
ThinPrep Pap test A more accurate pap test than the Pap Pak. The cells are placed in a liquid transport medium rather than on a slide. The same sample can be used to detect HPV. Also tests for gonorrhea and chlamydia.
What are the stages of labor? Three stages: Dilation Expulsion Placental
What is Crohn's disease? Inflammation of the deep lining of the bowel. Symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal pain, bleeding, ulcers, decreased appetite and weight loss
What does a colposcopy check for? Abnormal cells in the cervix
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