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CCMCC Phlebotomy

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Occult Blood Hidden Blood
Case Law Determined by court decisions when interrupting existing statutory law
Plaintiff Complainer; the burden of proof is on the plaintiff to show the 4 elements of negligence
Administrative Law Created by administrative agencies
Tort Injury to one person which another person is held legally responsible
Statutory Law Created by a legislative branch
Unintentional Tort Basis for most medical malpractice suits
Urine Most analyzed non-blood specimen
Malpractice The delivery of substandard care the results in harm to a patient
Quality Assurance Behaviors; part of TQM
Preanalytic Variables Phlebotomist have most responsibility for controlling
Quality Phlebotomy A set of policies
Aliquot Pipetting
TQM (Total Quality Management) Set of approaches
Delta Check A quality assurance procedure that helps spot ID errors
Glycolysis Breaking open of sugar molecules
Centrifuging Spins the same at very high speed separating components based on density
Quality Control Equipment; part of TQM
VAD Vascular Access Device
Basal State Bodies state after fasting for 8-12hrs & absence of relaxation/exercise
Postprandial "After a meal"; fasting glucose level test
EPI Tolerance Test Determines the patients ability to mobilize glycogen from the liver
TDM (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring) Used to adjust drug monitoring; FDA monitors this
Occluded Blocked
Sclerosed Hardened; Scarred
Lymphostasis Staying of lymph fluid in one area
Cold Agglutinins Antibodies formed in response to infection with mycoplasma pneumonia; a cause of atypical pneumonia 37C for 30 min
Chain of Custody Protocol that ensures that the sample is always in the custody of a person legally entrusted to be in control of it
Blood Smears Prepared following dermal puncture
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