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Purple Module

H.I.M. -10 PIPEDA Principles

PIO who is ultimately responsible for the compliance of the organization with the standards spelled out in the act Accountability
You must inform the clients of the purpose for the collection of their information either before or at the time of the collection Identifying Purposes
Consent must be obtained in order to collect the information Consent
A clear link must be established between the information that is collected and the reason for doing so Limiting Collection of PI (personal information)
You cannot use or disclose any information for purposes other than those for which it was collected; information must be kept only as long as it serves its intended purpose; information must be appropriately stored and destroyed Limiting Use, Disclosure, and Retention
Information should be accurate and complete in terms of how it is recorded to facilitate its proper use Accuracy
The organization must take appropriate and practical measures to protect the information from unauthorized access, use or tampering Safeguards
Information about policies relating to the management of personal information must be readily available to the clients Openness
With written request to the PIO, clients shall be given access to their personal information Individual Access
Each organization must have a process in place to handle complaints with respect to the way personal information is collected, used, or disclosed, or the manner in which the organization complies with the legislation Challenging Compliance
Created by: DawnLangridge