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Chapter 8

Growth and development, body orientation medical terms

Benign Mild; not spreading; not malignant
Biopsy Removal of tissue for examination
Circumocular Pertaining to around the eye
Circumscribed A round spot
Condyloma Wart-like growth in the genital area
Cyst Closed sac or pouch containing fluid
Distal Farthest point from trunk attachment
Ectoderm Outside layer of cells in the embryo
Ectopic Outside of its normal place
Endocystoscopy Examination of the inside of the bladder
Endogenous Originating from within
Epigastric Pertaining to over the stomach
Excrescence Useless structure growing out of the skin
Extrasensory Being outside of the normal range of bounds of the senses
Hypodermic Under the skin
Infiltration Slipping into and between normal cells of the body
Inframammary Below the breast
Lateral Farther from the midline
Lesion An area of unhealthy (morbid) tissues (injury, wound, burn of infected patch of skin
Lumbar Pertaining to the loin; portion of the back between thorax and pelvis
Malignant Abnormal growth that threatens death
Medial Closer to the midline
Mesoderm Middle germ cell layer
Metastasis Movement of cells from one part of the body to another
Neoplasm Growth of tissue that serves no useful purpose
Papilla Nipple-like protuberance
Papilloma Small nipple-like protuberance or elevation
Papules Pimples; red elevated spots on the skin; solid and circumscribed
Periumbilical Pertaining to around the umbilicus
Polyp Tumor with a little foot or stem
Proximal Nearest point of trunk attachment
Subpatellar Pertaining to an area under or below the kneecap
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