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HLTH ch.11

urinary system

uro urine or urinary tract
cysto bladder, cyst or fluid filled sac
vesico bladder or blister
pyelo renal pelvis
gono genitals or reproduction
nocto night
nocti night
oligo few, scanty
keto, ketono ketone bodies
renal pelvis "funnel shaped", drains urine from the kidney to the ureter
-poietin that which causes prodution
vesicle pertaining to a fluid-filled sac, usually the urinary bladder
anti diuretic increases reabsorption of H2O by renal tubules; decrease urine production
micturition urination
voiding urination
specific gravity density of urine compared with the density of water
urea nitrogen compound, final product of protein metabolism
creatinine nitrogen product produced by the body's normal metabolism
urinary casts gelatinous structures that take shape of renal tubulesu
indwelling catheter left in place for a prolonged period
foley catheter held in place by a balloon tip filled with sterile liquid
electro/myo/graphy evaluate the strength of perineal muscles used in voiding
cysto/metro/graphy information on the amount of pressure exerted on the bladder wall
perineum supports and surrounds distal parts of urogenital and gastrointestinal tracts
intravenous urography xray of entire urinary system after urine has been rendered with contrast
nephro kidney
oliguria diminished capacity to form urine, less than 500 ml
anuria urinary out put of less tan 100 ml
hesitancy difficulty beginning flow, decrease in the force of urine stream
urinary retention incomplete emptying of bladder
urinary incontinence inability to control urination
enuresis inability to control urination
wilms tumor malignant neoplasm of the kidney that occurs in young children
uremia accumulation of waste products in blood from inadequate functioning of the urinary system
renal failure inability of kidneys to excrete wastes
nephrotic syndrome abnormal condition of the kidney, characterized by proteinuria and edema
diabetes insipidus not related to the body's use of insulin. May be hormonal or renal. Urinary output exceeds 3000 ml a day
neuro/genic bladder dysfunction of the bladder caused by a lesion of the nervous system
hydro/nephrosis distension of renal pelvis with urine obstructing the upper part of the ureter
hydro/ureter distension of a ureter with urine or watery fluid
kidney dialysis or hemo/dialysis diffusing blood through a semipermeable membrane to remove toxic materials and maintain the acid base balance of an impaired kidney
laparo/scopic nephrectomy removal of kidney through several small incisions in the abdominal wall
lithotrite instrument used in conjunction with a catheter to crush bladder stones
ureterocystostomy transplantation of the ureter to a differentr site on the bladder
nephropexy corrects nephroptosis "floating kidney"
diuresis excessive or increased urination
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