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Unit 5 Prof.- HIST

Ancient Rome

All Roman citizens had _________ A) Marble palaces, B) Right to trial, C) No taxes, D) Free wine B) Right to trial
Allied with Cleopatra Marc Antony
Augustus was the first Roman ___________. A) Emperor, B) Christian, C) General, D) Citizen A) Emperor
Based on Ch. 2.3 map: Where is Rome located? A) On Italy’s west coast, B) On Italy’s southern tip, C) On the Adriatic Sea, D) On the Po River B) On Italy’s west coast
Based on Ch. 2.3 map: Which river is closest to Rome? A) Po River, B) Loire River, C) Tiber River, D) Nile River C) Tiber River
Based on Ch. 2.3 Reading: What was Cato’s slogan? A) “Carthage must be saved!”, B) “Down with Rome!”, C) “Cato rules!”, D) “Carthage must be destroyed!” D) “Carthage must be destroyed
Based on Ch. 2.3 Reading: What was the result of Cato’s plan? A) Rome allied with Carthage, B) Cato was removed from Senate, C) Rome conquered Carthage, D) Most everyone ignored Cato C) Rome conquered Carthage
Based on Ch. 2.3 Reading: Why did Cato think of Carthage as a threat? A) Its riches could make it powerful again, B) It was raising an army to fight Rome, C) It was sinking Roman ships, D) It was bigger than Rome A) Its riches could make it powerful again
Based on Ch. 2.4 Reading: Augustus behaved carefully because he _____ A) Was a lazy ruler, B) Wanted to be called emperor, C) Wanted to be liked, D) Did not know how to act C) Wanted to be liked
Based on Ch. 2.4 Reading: What month is named after the first Roman emperor? A) January, B) August, C) May, D) December B) August
Based on Ch. 2.4 Reading: Augustus was declared a god because _____________________. A) The people respected him, B) He fought many wars, C) He called himself a god, D) The Romans had no gods A) The people respected him
Central leader of Christianity Jesus
Constantine changed the name of the Byzantine Empire’s capital to _____ A) Rome, B) Constantinople, C) Istanbul, D) London B) Constantinople
Divides Roman Empire into east/west Diocletian
First Roman emperor to become Christian Constantine
Founder of Rome Romulus
How long did the Pax Romana last? A) 200 yrs., B) 250 yrs., C) 300 yrs., D) 400 yrs. A) 200 yrs.
How were male patricians and plebeians alike? A) Both had the same social status, B) Both had citizenship, C) Both could hold public office, D) Both were wealthy B) Both had citizenship
Julius Caesar conquered _________. A) Greece, B) Carthage, C) Egypt, D) Gaul D) Gaul
Reorganizes Roman law into a single code Justinian
Roman gladiator who leads a slave revolt Spartacus
Roman ruler stabbed outside senate building Julius Caesar
The Byzantine Empire reached its peak during the rule of _____ A) Octavian, B) Justinian, C) Spartacus, D) Augustus B) Justinian
Which language was most widely used in the Byzantine Empire? A) Latin, B) Hebrew, C) Byzantine, D) Greek D) Greek
Which of the following was NOT a main group that settled in early Rome? A) Etruscans, B) Greeks, C) Romans, D) Egyptians D) Egyptians
Who executed Jesus of Nazareth? A) Jewish rabbis, B) Pagan gods, C) The Roman governor, D) Greek soldiers C) The Roman governor
Who fought in the Punic Wars? A) Rome and Carthage, B) Greece and Rome, C) Carthage and Thrace, D) Sparta and Athens A) Rome and Carthage
Who helped the twins Romulus and Remus? A) She-wolf, B) Shepherd, C) Both A and B, D) None of the above C) Both A and B
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