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Phleb Ch. 6


If the pt has a (-) Allen test, what should you do? Preform the test on the other arm
The artery that runs on the thumb side is? The Radial artery
What will happen if the blood is drawn too quickly? The vein will collapse
How would you insert the needle? Bevel facing up (toward the elbow, facing the blood flow)
The #1 mistake in venipuncture? Pt identity
The artery that runs down the side of the little finger? The Ulnar artery
What are the V.I.P's of specimen labeling? Pt full name, ID number, date & time of collection, PBTs initials
A conscious pt does not have an ID bracelet on, the name and room number agree with the requisition. What should you do? Do not draw, until the proper ID has been applied
An unconscious, unidentified pt is admitted to an emergency trauma center. What is the system of choice to ensure pt ID? Use a three part ID system that uses a temporary ID bracelet and labels for samples and blood transfusions
When drawing multiple samples in evacuated tubes, it is important to fill which of the following colored stoppered tubes first? Light-blue
You are to draw light-blue stoppered tube for coag, lavender, red and a set of blood cultures. What is your order of draw? Blood cultures (sterile), light-blue, red, lavender
As a general rule, you should not stick the pt more than ______ in an attempt to obtain blood. Twice
When you cannot preform a venipuncture successfully after two attempts, you should? Ask another BPT to help
Why is the first tube discarded when drawing from an indwelling arterial line? To remove the heparin/saline contamination
Which two arteries are occluded when preforming the Allen test? The Radial and Ulnar
Pressure must be applied to the site of an arterial puncture and maintained for at least Five minutes
In preforming an arterial puncture, the artery should be punctured using a? 45-degree angle of insertion with the bevel facing the elbow
An arterial puncture site is more likely to bleed than a venipuncture site because of? Higher BP in the arteries
The best vein to draw from is? Median Anti-cubital
CBC(Lavender), Serum(Red), PT(Light-Blue) and a blood culture. What is your order of draw? Blood Cultures(Sterile), PT(Light-Blue), Serum(Red) and CBC(Lavender)
Should you use the arm with the IV for venipuncture? No, you should try to avoid the arm with an IV line (other arm, fingerstick or foot)
If you are unable to find a site without an IV, what should you do? Ask a nurse to shut the IV off for 2 minutes before you draw, the BPT should NEVER turn an IV off or on--it is not within your scope of practice
Should the tourniquet be applied above or below the IV site? Below to avoid disruption to the IV
Should you draw from the same vein that has an IV in place? No
What is the discard amount, when drawing blood to clear backed up IV fluids? 5mL
What should you note on the tube that was collected from the same arm as an IV? Notate that the collection was obtained from the same arm as the IV site and notate what was running in the IV
Which test checks the pt for collateral arterial circulation? The Allen test
What is the order of draw? Stop Light Red Stop, Green Light Go? Sterile, Light-Blue, Red/SST, Green, Lavender, Gray
When using a butterfly system, why do you use a discard tube? To remove any air from the butterfly tube is removed; in order to maintain the 1:9 (anticoagulant) ratio
What is the purpose of a radial artery blood gas procedure? Top obtain an arterial blood sample (for blood gas level)
When performing an Arterial puncture, what is the coagulant of choice? Heparin
Number 22, is pertinent to the Allen Test Answer is A
Appropriate venipuncture sites include? Antecubital area, back of the hand, wrist(in line w/ the thumb) Ankle or foot (physician only)
When the membrane of the RBCs is breaking and rupturing; the serum sample is then tinted red. Hemolyzed
When the pt serum is tinted yellow to orange because the plasma contains large amounts of bilirubin this coloration has been termed as? Icteric
When a serum sample has turned a whitish/milky color. May be due to the pt not having fasted, this tyoe of serum/plasma is known as? Lipemic
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