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Inventions that Changed the World

When was the movable type printing press invented? 1439
Who invented the movable type printing press? German, Johannes Gutenberg
What events in history were impacted by the invention of the mechanical printing press? Renaissance,Protestant Reformation, Enlightenment, Scientific Revolution
Who invented the microscope? Dutchman, Zacharias Janssen
When and where was the circulation of blood discovered? 1628; England
Blood circulation was discovered by whom? William Harvey
George Stephenson, an English engineer, built the first successful ____________ during the 1820s? railways and locomotives
Who was Edward Jenner and why is he an important figure in medicine? British scientist; successfully administered the first vaccination against smallpox in 1796; stimulated research and usage of vaccinations
Cinematography was pioneered where, when, and by whom? Paris, France; 1895; Auguste and Louis Lumière
Ptolemy, a scientist from Alexandria, first devised the astrolabe. This was a device to determine a position at sea. It became the most important instrument in ___________ for several hundred years. navigation and/or exploration
Created by: KKelley