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purple mod

special senses review

Describe aqueous humor -found in the anterior and posterior chambers -provides nourishment for the lens & cornea -drains from eye by a small hole, canal of schlemm -produced by ciliary body
Describe cones -function in bright light -produces colour vision
describe rods -function in dim light -produces black and white vision
Describe conjunctiva -lines the inner surface of the eyelids & cornea and the outer layer of the eyeball
describe fovea -the center of the macula -light rays from an object are directed to the fovea -only cones -provides greatest acuity
describe pupil coloured contractile membrane perforated center is the iris
Describe the vestibular system -the function is control of balance & eye movements -consists of semicircular canals -responsible for maintaining both static and dynamic equilibrium -vestibule (joins cochlea & semicircular canals
Describe vitreous humor -jellylike substance that fills the interior of the eye - vitreous chamber -refractive structures of the eye
What are the function of the ear -sense receptor organ for hearing & equilibrium -hearing is a function of the cochlea -equilibrium is a function of semicircular canals & vestibule
What are the 3 tunics of the eye fibrous tunic vascular tunic sensory tunic
What is an otolaryngologist a physician taht treats disorders, treats ears nose throat (ENT) many employ audiologist
what are the specific sensations vision smell taste hearing equilibrium
What is macular degeneration detoriation of the macula responsible for central vision most common is age related macular degeneration
What is otosclerosis disorder characterized by ankylosis of he ossciles most commonly affected is the stapes
Where are the ossciles located middle ear
Created by: deyoht_kwa