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IESS: Explorer Quest

IESS: Explorer Questions

What was the Northwest Passage? - A sea route from Europe to Asia around North America. - Many explorers searched for it, but it wasn't completed until l906. - It was very dangerous because ships could get stuck in the ice and they would run out of food and water.
Who was Jacques Cartier? - He was a French explorer who made 11 trips to North America looking for the Northwest Passage. - He didn't find it, but he did help to explore and map the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the St. Lawrence River. - He named Mont Royal, a hill near Montreal
Who was Henry Hudson? - A British explorer who was looking for the Northwest Passage. - He didn't find it, but he discovered Hudson Bay and James Bay. - He died on his last voyage in 1610 because his crew mutinied and left him and his son to die in a boat in James Bay.
Who was John Cabot? - An Italian who sailed for the King of England looking for a route to Asia. - He discovered the coast of Newfoundland, and although he only spent a couple hours on land, told the King about all the trees and cod he found.
Who was Samuel de Champlain? - A French explorer who explored North America to look for the NW Passage and make maps. - He founded Quebec as a small trading post - the first permanent French settlement. - He discovered three of the Great Lakes.
Who were the Vikings? - violent fighters from Scandinavia. - They found and settled Iceland and Greenland. - They were the first to find North America in 1000AD when they got lost on the way to Greenland. - They only stayed in N.A. for 1 winter because they were attacked.
What was the Silk Road? - A land route from Rome to China - Traders used this route to trade for silk, spices, gold and tea. - It was very long and dangerous because of robbers, desert conditions and heat.
What was the Age of Exploration? - A time period where many countries sent ships and explorers to look for new lands and faster ways to get to Asia. - These countries wanted more power, more land, and gold/silk/tea/spices and slaves. - It helped spread ideas around the world.
What countries explored Canada? - France, Spain, England and Portugal all sent explorers to North America. - France and England both created colonies in Canada.
Who was the first to find North America? - The Vikings in 1000AD discovered Newfoundland. (Vinland) - Columbus was second - he found the West Indes in 1492. - John Cabot found Newfoundland in 1497.
Created by: bdunfield