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Modern World History

Final Exam Review

What are the characteristics of totalitarian regimes? censorship, mass arrests, secret police
What is fascism? fascism is a government that promotes extreme nationalism
What national crisis led to Hitler's rise to power? depression
Why did the treaty or Versailles anger so many Germans? They were forced to pay reparations
Who is associated with the rise of fascism in Italy? Mussolini associated with the rise of fascism
What did they fear? they feared communism
What was the Rape of Nanking? Japanese abuse of Chinese civil right before and during WWII
What was the purpose of Stalin's Five Year Plans? to modernize Russia
What was the Great Purge? putting Russians into labor camps
What one characteristic was common to Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, and Communist Soviet Union? They all had one party system that denied human rights
Anschluss annexation of Austrillia
Sudetenland land taken by Hitler, lost in WWII
Munich Conference Chamberland agreed to appease Hitler with the Sudetenland
Appeasement cooperating with an aggressor to keep the peace
Nazi-Soviet non-aggression pact a pact to divide Poland
Start of WWII invasion of Poland by Germany and invasion of china by Japan
Allied powers Great Britain and France
Axis Powers Italy, Japan and Germany
Blitzkrieg Lightning war
Operation Barbarossa German invasion of the soviet union
Battle of Stalingrad the turning point of WWII when the soviets defeated the germans
D-Day Invasion of Normandy France
Island Hopping A strategy of going to one island to another
Kamikaze Japanese suicide pilots
What event led to the US officially entering WWII? Pearl Harbor
What violations of civil rights was committed by the US during WWII against Japanese Americans? Japanese were placed in internment camps
What caused Japan to surrender? When the atom bombs were dropped on Hiroshima & Nagaska
What ended WWII in the pacific? The Japanese surrendered to the US
Genocide the mass killing of people based on race religion or social class to illiminate them
Ghettos a place where jews were forced to live
Kristallnacht night of broken glass
Final Solution the final plan to kill all the Jews in Europe
Mein Kampf Book written by Hitler in jail
Anti-Semitism Hitlers belief about jewish people
In what ways did people resist during the holocaust? escaping, surviving and destroying Natzi buildings
What international organization was created after WWII to promote peace, protect human rights, and improve quality of life for developing nations? The united nations
Created by: smiddl925