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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 The Heart medical terms

Analgesia Inability to feel pain
Anemia Lack of blood
Anesthesiologist One who specializes in the study of removing feeling or sensation
Angiogram Radiographic picture of the vessels
Bradycardia Abnormally slow heartbeat
Cardiorrhexis Rupture of the heart
Chondrodysplasia Bad development of cartilage
Cystorrhexis Rupture of the urinary bladder
Dactylogram Fingerprint
Dactylomegaly Enlarged digits
Defibrillation Restoration by electric shock to regulate the heartbeat
Embolism Blockage of a vessel
Embolus Any foreign object or abnormal particle circulating in the blood (air bubble, blood clot)
Esthesiometer An instrument used for measuring feeling/sensation
Hyperesthesia Excessive sensitivity to pain, feeling
Hypoesthesia Absence of sensitivity to pain, feeling
Hypoplasia Underdevelopment
Hysterorrhexis ruptured uterus
Lithotripsy A procedure done to break up Kidney stones
Macrocephalus Abnormally large head
Macrocheilo Abnormally large lips
Macrotia Abnormally large ears
Micrometer Instrument used for measuring the diameter of something microscopic
Neuromyelitis Inflammation of the spinal cord (or bone marrow) and nerves
Neurotripsy Rubbing or crushing of the nerves
Phlebitis Inflammation of a vein
Polyarthritis Inflammation of multiple joints
Polyuria Excessive amounts of urine
Syndactylism A condition of two or more digits fused together as one
Tachycardia Abnormally rapid heartbeat
Thrombosis A blood clot blocking a heart vessel
Thrombus Circulating blood clot
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