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HLTH ch. 7 and 8

prefixes suffixes and word roots

angio vessel
kali potassium
nato sodium
sialo saliva
karyo nucleous
thrombo thrombus; clot
philo attraction
-ant that which causes
-ate to cause an action or the result of an action
-poiesis production
-poietin that which causes production
iso equal
auto self
-phylaxis protection
ana excessive, upward, or again
artero artery
arterio artery
arteriolo arteriloe
atiro atrium
corono crown
septo septum; partition
-stenosis narrowing stricture
athero yellowish, fatty plaque
adeno gland
adenoido adenoids
lympho lymph, lymphatics
lymphadeno lymph node
lymphangio lymph vessel
lymphato lymphatics
Created by: btuehara