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Facial Muscles

Key muscles needed to learn facial massage

Which one of the following causes the vertical wrinkle between the eyebrows? Corrugator
What is the name of the muscle that covers the upper back, shoulders and neck? Trapezius
Which one of the following controls a variety of actions from smiling and whistling to chewing? Buccinator
Which muscle would you circle with your thumbs during the facial massage routine? Deltoid
What is the name of the muscle that surrounds the eye? Orbicularis oculi
Which muscle is found at the lower end of the chin, and acts as the main muscle of the lower lip? Mentalis
Which muscle raises the mandible during chewing? Temporalis
Name the long ropy muscle that runs from the sides of the neck from the ear to the collarbone and to the sternum. Sternocleidomastoid
Which facial muscle would you flick up at the side of the mouth during a facial massage? Risorius
Name the muscle that draws the arm backwards and forwards. Deltoid
Which muscle is sometimes called the kissing muscle because it causes the lips to close and pucker? Orbicularis oris
Which muscle is also known as the muscle of mastication? Masseter
Name the small flat muscle located across the bridge of the nose. Nasalis
Which small narrow muscle found between the eyebrows would you lift with your ring finger and middle finger during a facial massage? Corrugator
What is the name given to the long band of muscle that stretches from the chin down to the front of the neck? Platysma
Name the broad thin muscle that runs vertically along your forehead. Frontalis
What is the name of the muscle that formulates the mouth, nose, and cheeks? Zygomaticus
Which muscle located at the back of the client do you lift six times during the facial massage routine? Trapezius
Which muscle lifts the corners of the mouth into a smile? Risorius
Which muscle would you stroke sixty four times using the whole palm of your hand during a facial massage? Frontalis
Created by: Joandrews
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