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Medical Law & Ethics

Final Review

Establishes agencies that are given power to enact regulations having the force of the law Administrative Law
Law that includes 27 amendments, 10 of which are the Bill of Rights Constitutional Law
A 17 year old person serving in the US armed forces Emancipated Minor
Medical practice acts or laws that regulate the practice of medicine, such as licensure and standards of care Statues
A patient who refuses needed care, such as a cancer patient who will not complete a series of chemotherapy treatments Noncompliant
A provider or healthcare professional who testifies in court to establish a reasonable and expected standard of care with respect to a specific medical situation so that jurors can understand the nature of medical information Expert Witness
The failure to exercise the standard of care that reasonable person would exercise in similar circumstances Negligence
Persons who bring charges in a civil case Plaintiffs
Medical assistants are ______ of their employers Agents
A patient tilts her head back and opens her eyes wide for instillation of medicated eye drops from a MA without any verbal instruction to do so Implied Consent
Professional negligence Malpractice
Respondeat Superior and res ipsa loquitur Doctrines
Court Order subpoena
Persons against whom charges are brought Defendants
A MA writes in the patient's record "Jin Marhsall is a ruthless, rude man who is very full of himself. Be careful around him." Libel
A patient says loudly in the reception area of Inner City Health Care, filled to capacity with waiting patients, "Dr. Reynolds should retire. I know he's not up on the latest medical techniques." Slander
A 17 year old student who lives with his or her parents Minor
Actions that made the MA and the employer less vulnerable to litigation Risk Management
Lawsuit Litigation
Written or verbal contract that describes exactly what each party in the contract will do Expressed Contract
The Ds of negligence Duty Derelict of duty Damage Direct Cause
What are 4 things a patient needs to know to give informed consent? Type of procedure The risks of the procedure Possible outcomes What would happen if the procedure doesn't happen
The unauthorized touching of one person by another Battery
The federal government established laws in 1968 to allow people to make a gift of all or part of their body; it is known as Uniform and Anatomical Gift Act
The law mandates that the proper authorities be informed of certain harms and injuries, such as all except: Rape GSW Knife Wounds Child Abuse Elder Abuse Rape
What term is used now in place of "domestic Violence" and what does it means? Why was the change made? IVP: Intimate Partner Violence
7 strategies for risk management in an ambulatory care setting that will lessen the potential for litigation Stay within scope of practice Comply with all regulations/statutes keep the office safe and in readiness never leave a patient unattended comply with HIPAA standards for privacy Follow all office policies and procedures document fully only facts
4 strategies for risk management that will lessen the potential for litigation log all phone conversations and return phone calls in reasonable time follow up on missed or cancelled appts never guarantee an outcome or cure secure informed consent when necessary
what is POLST Physician's Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment
The patient Self Determination Act, which includes health care directives, ensures that the patients are able to: Control Their Own Health Care Decisions
What covers the relationship between providers and their patients? Informed Consent
Res ipsa loquitor means? The things speaks for itself
Respondeat Superior is the latin word for: Providers are responsible for their employees' actions. "Let The Master Speak"
A provider is legally bound to a patient until the patient: No longer needs treatment
An order for a physician to appear in court with a medical record: Subpoena duces tecum
When a patient reports a sore throat and the provider takes a swab for a throat culture to diagnose and treat the ailment, this act is considered an implied contract
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