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ERP Week 5

Stool Guaiac Test

A stool guaiac is a test for; Occult blood in the feces
Occult means; Hidden - Unable to see with the naked eye
Occult blood in the stool can indicate; 1.Colorectal malignancies 2.PUD - Peptic Ulcer Disease 3.Intestinal polyps 4.Esophagitis - Inflammation 5.Gastritis - Stomach inflammation
A fecal blood test (FOBT) for use in a medical office requires a; single slide
Common brand names for FOBT include; 1.Hemoccult 2.Hema Check 3.Colo-Rect 4.Seracult 5.Hematest
When checking a FOBT for use, if the slide and developer are functional a? Blue color will appear in the positive (+) performance monitor area and NO blue will appear in the negative (-) performance monitor area
How many drops of Hemoccult developer is used on each smear? 2 drops
The results of a FOBT should be read between? 30 and 60 seconds
Any trace of ?__? on or at the edge of smear is considered? Blue; Positive for occult blood
For a home patient FOBT how many slides are needed? 3 slides, 1 for 3 days of samples
For a home patient FOBT, the test is returned to the physicians office within; 14 days of first sample collection
Do not collect stool samples during or until 3 days after; LMP or if you have bleeding hemorrhoids or hematuria
For a home patient FOBT you should remove toilet bowel cleaners from the toilet and flush; twice before taking a BM sample
You should avoid asprin (ASA) and NSAIDS such as Motrin (ibuprofen) and Aleve (naproxen) SEVEN days prior to and; During stool test period (*Tylenol can be taken)
72hrs prior to and during a home patient FOBT, the following should be avoided; 1.Red meats 2.Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 3.Citrus fruits/juices 4.Vegatables and fruits such as; cabbage, cantaloupe, cucumbers, carrots, beets, broccoli, mushrooms, turnips, radishes, and horseradish
Common brand name for FITS include; 1.Hemocult ICT 2.InSure FIT
FIT refers to; Fecal Immunochemical Tests
FITs do not require and; Dietary restrictions
Created by: adrouillard