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Evacuated Tube Sys.

Equipment needed to perform venipuncture

Gloves: Use a new pair of vinyl or nitrile gloves for each patient.- Never use same gloves on different patients
Isopropyl Alcohol Swabs: Use these to cleanse the skin before inserting the needle. They are to be discarded after each use.
Gauze Pads: Use to provide pressure to aid in clotting and to cover the venipuncture site.
Tape/ Adhesive: bandage to keep the clot in place.
Tourniquet: Latex strips that are used for applying around the arm to help vein become more visible. Reuse are prohibited if it becomes contaminated or soiled.
Needles: 21-23 Gauge needles used for routine venipunctures. 21-gauge is the most commonly used needle.
Hub/Needle Holder: Attached to the needle & used to guide the tubes toward the needle to initiate blood flow into tube.
Evacuated Blood Collection Tube: Glass or plastic tubes that have the capacity to hold blood measure in ml.
Pediatric Blood Collection Tube: Have less vacuum & identical to adult tubs in color but half as big
Winged Infusion Set: Aka butterfly needle
Created by: Krystle2223P