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history figures pt1


Gandhi lead a peaceful Indian independence, promoted civil rights and frrdom
Hitler Leader of Nazi Germany, genocide on Jews
Stalin Leader of Soviet Union, spreaded Communism
Mao Zedong founder of the People's Republic of China, used Communist ideas
Pol Pot Cambodian Communist revolutionist, killed many people with his policys
Robespierre French lawyer and politician, leader of French Revolution
Napoleon Emperor of France 1804-1814, brought nationalism to France
Locke English philosopher during the Enlightenment,ideas of classical liberalism
Montesquieu French writer, known for his theory of separation of powers
Rousseau French writer, his political philosophy influenced the French Revolution
Copernicus Renaissance mathematician and astronomer, made the heliocentric model- sun the center of the universe
Jomo Kenyatta Kenyan nationalist, first leader of Kenya
Mandela African nationalist, helped gain human rights in South Africa and limit poverty
Otto Von Bismarck Leader of Germany, unified Germany
Garibaldi Italian General, helped unify Italy
Adam Smith Scottish moral philosopher, made the law of self-interest, competition and supply and demand (goes with Capitalism)
Marx German philosopher, came up with the idea of communism
Gorbachev last leader of the Soviet Union, open to new ideas
Kemal Ataturk Turkish army officer, founder of the Republic of Turkey
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