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Oral Torah Exam

Was the oral Torah an afterthought? No, oral Torah came before Written Torah
When was Oral Torah first established? HaShem gave oral Torah to Moshe at Mt. Sinai
When was written Torah first written? About 40 yrs after Mt. Sinai, when Jews were just about the enter B'nei Israel
Why do we need oral Torah? Oral Torah = 50 times larger than written Torah. Oral Torah has much more information, + goes much more into depth so it clarifies and explains what is already written down
Why was the oral Torah originally not written? Was intended to be spread by word of mouth so if student had questions, they could be answered clearly w/o misinterpretation
How do oral teachings help you remember? Oral Torah is being transmitted personally so it is constantly being discussed + clarified. By not being written down, it requires every Jew to review + remember
Why can you not write down the oral tradition? It will not be suited over time + there are too many details to include in 1 book
How was written Torah written? Only essential commandments + details were written so sages could explain the Torah in more detail
Reason #1 Torah was not written down? In future, Gentiles could rule over us + degrade Torah. HaShem didn't want Torah degraded, so it was not written
Reason #2 Torah was not written down? with writing, there are always doubts + misinterpretations. Keeping Torah oral would prevent miscommunication; written Torah is not complete w/o oral Torah to explain it
Progression of Oral Torah? HaShem > Moshe @ Mt. Sinai > Joshua > Zekenim > Neveiim > Anshei Knesset > Zugot > Tanaim > Amoraim > Rav Yehuda HaNasi
Who were the Tanaim? Sages of Israel who lived and worked in 20-220 C.E. (approximately). The Tanaim were the scholars of Jewish law and legend), who toiled in the oral tradition - and created the( האגדה .)משנה( Mishna
What does Tana mean in Aramaic? Teach, memorized, studied
Where do the teachings of the Tanaim appear? The Mishnah, Talmud + Midrash books
Why did Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi decide to write down the Oral Torah? He feared that the Oral Torah would be forgotten bc the Romans forbade Jews to study Torah for many yrs, the people of Israel were scattered in exile + the ability of people's memory had decreased
What is the Mishnah? The first Halakhic book written after the Written Torah
Who edited the Mishnah? Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi
When was the Mishnah's final edit? 220 CE
What are the 6 sections of the Mishnah? זרעים seeds, מועד time, נשים women, holies קודשים, Taharot טהרות, נזיקין damages
Significance of the Name משנה? memorization, repeating the learning, Secondary to the Torah, as viceroy to a king.
What were materials that did not fit into Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi's vision of the Mishnah called? ברייתות
Where are the ברייתות preserved? In the Talmud, Tosefta + other halakhic midrashim books
What is the תוספתא? collection that includes ברייתות not included in the Mishnaot of Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi
Differences btwn the Mishnah + Tosefta? Mishnah is written in short language, Tosefta completes/explains Mishnah. In Mishnah,some Mishna סתמית where Tanna is anonymous. name of Tanna always appears in Tosefta. Mishnah is divided in 6 sections. Tosefta is usually in same order but not always
Who were האמוראים? The Amoraim sages of the Talmud operated from the end of the Mishnah (220 CE) to the completion of the Talmud (3rd - 5th century CE)
Where did the Amoraim operate? In Northern Israel + Babylon
What is the main book of Oral Law in Judaism? The Talmud
What is the Talmud? Amoraim's commentaries on the Mishnah. Usually debates that were left open-ended (w/o resolution)
What are the 2 books of the Talmud? The Mishnah (written in Hebrew) + the G'mara - or Sha'as(written in Aramaic)
What language is the Mishnah? Hebrew
What language is the G'mara (or Sha'as)? Aramaic
Talmud בבלי? Written in Babylon
Talmud Yerushalmi? Written in Northern Israel
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