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List the five main senses: 1.Taste 2.Smell 3.Vision 4.Hearing 5.Balance
What nerve is responsible for the sense of vision? optic
What nerve is responsible for the sense of smell? Olfactory
What nerve is responsible for hearing? Auditory
Name the 4 taste sensations: 1.Sweet 2.Sour 3.Salty 4.Bitter
When a physical exam is performed on a patient, the physician will note HEENT is normal. What does HEENT stand for? H:head E:ears E:eyes N:nose T:throat
What is the medical term for farsightedness? Hyperopia
What is the medical term for nearsightedness? Myopia
Pinkeye is highly contagious and is caused by an inflammation in the lining of the eye and inside of the eyelids this is AKA? Conjuctivitis
Where in the eye would medication be administered? Inner canthus
What is nyctalopia? night blindness
What is the medical term for blindness caused by diabetes? Diabetic retnopathy
What is glaucoma? Disorder that is caused by an increase in the intraocular pressure in the eye/
The retina is the inner layer of the eye and it contains? Rods and Cones
Rods are associated with _____ vision, whereas cones are associated with _____ vision. Black/White, Color
What is blepharoptosis? dropping or sagging eyelid.
What are the purpose of semicicular canals? Equilibrium
What are the three ossicles of the middle ear: GIVE MEDICAL TERMS Malleus, Stapes, Incus
The medical term for earwax is? Cerumen
What is the medical term for eardrum? Tympanic Membrane
What is the medical term for middle ear infection, and it's abbreviation? Otitis media (OM)
What is presbycusis Loss of hearing as a result from the aging process.
What is tinnitus? ringing/buzzing
Medical Term for dizziness? Vertigo
What does ROI stand for and why do you need it? Release of Information. It is a document or form that a patient MUST sign in order to obtain or send medical records to/from another physician.
ana- without
macro- large
micro- small
presby- old age
-edema fluid
-opia vision
-acusis hearing
tymapan/o eardrum
rhin/o nose
at/o ear
Created by: nquiroz