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MDA 120

Exam Review

Which laboratory department analyzes WBC, platelet count, hematocrit? Hematology
Which laboratory department analyzes bacteria, fungi, protozoa? Microbiology
Which laboratory department analyzes proteins, fats, waste products, organ function and electrolytes? Chemistry
Which laboratory department analyzes Prothrombin Time? Coagulation
What is anemia? Low RBC
Anemia that can be caused by destruction of RBC? Hemolytic
What is a written requisition (lab requisition) Written order to the lab. Must have ICD-9-CM
What information should be on a specimen container label? Name, DOB, Source, Time, Date
Most tests performed by MAs fall under what category? Waived Test
How often does a lab have to be recertified by CLIA? Every 2 years
What is the magnification for the following? Oil Immersion: lpf: hpf: 100x 10x 40x
Where does the other 10x magnification come from on a microscope? The occulars
What part of the microscope controls the amount of light that will shine on the slide? Diaphragm
Bronchoscopy Using a lighted scope the visualize the respiratory system
Congestive Heart Failure Inadequate pumping of the heart
Emphysema Caused by smoking. Loss of alvioli elasticity
Status asthmaticus Severe allergic reaction that does mot respond to medication
Infarction Lack of blood flow that can cause necrosis
Bronchitis Inflammation of the bronchioles
Hemoptysis Coughing up blood
Dyspnea Painful/Difficulty breathing
Apnea No breath
Wheezing High pitched sound heard on expiration
Thoracentesis Aspiration through the thoracic cavity to remove fluid
What is happening during a P wave tracing on an ECG? Atrial depolarization - SA Node
What is happening during a QRS Complex tracing on an ECG? Ventricular depolarization - AV Node
What is happening during a T wave tracing on an ECG? Repolarization - heart at rest
What is another name for chest leads? Precordial Leads - they are unipolar
Which lead is used to record the heart rythym? Lead II
A resting EKG has how many leads? 12
The stylus deflects how many milimeters vertically when the standardization button is pressed on an ECG? 10mm
What causes a wandering baseline, somatic muscle tremor, and AC interference? Artifacts: Wandering Baseline: Low Voltage Muscle Tremor: Muscle Movement AC interference: Something ese pluggeditno the outlet
Define a holter monitor a portable ECG worm for 24 hr
What diet modification can help wiht cardiac health? Polyunsaturated fats
What is the specific gravity or urine? Weigth of the urine
What causes HIGH specific gravity of urine? Dehydration, renal disease
What type of urine collection is considered to be most concentrated? 1st AM void
If a patient has the presence of Protein in urine, what might be causing it? Renal damage, Toxemia complication of pregnancy, vigorous exersice
What might be the cause of glucose in the urine? Diabetes Mellitus
What might be the cuase of Blood in the urine? Malignancy, Infection, Kidney Stone, UTI
What might be the cause of HCG in the urine? Pregnancy
What is being examined ina UA? The physical, Chemical and microscopic properties of urine
What is urine mostly made up of? Water 96%
Symptoms of cystitis include? Cloudy Urine, Frequency
What specialty deals with disease and disorders of the kidneys? Nephrology
If a patient has failing kidneys, they may need to have what done several times a week? Dialysis
Microscopic examination of the urine falls in what category of testing? PPMP, Moderate
What can a femal dot o maintain a good urinary tract health? Don't take baths, wear ctoton underwear, urinate oafter sex
After obtaining a random sample, in what time frame must the urinalysis be performed before it needs to be refrigerated? 1 hour
How long does urine stay stable in the fridge? 4 hours
What is urinary incontinence? Inability to maintain control of urine
What is a PKU test and when is it done?
What ar ethe normal levels for a FBG 70-110
What are the normal levels for LDL <130 mg
What are the normal levels for triglycerides <150 mg
What is the belach to water ratio for disinfection? 10 to 1
Created by: JDenning8984