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Ancient Rome

Mercenary A foreign soldier who fought for money
Messiah The promised deliverer of the Jewish nation prophesied in the Hebrew Bible
Sect A group of people with somewhat different religious beliefs
Martyr A person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs
Bishop A priest that supervised several local churches
Pope The bishop of Rome, head of the RCC
Heresy Belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religions
Aqueduct A pipeline or channel built to carry water to populated areas
Republic A form of gov. where power is in the citizens who vote for leaders, what was in Rome
Patrician Wealthy landowners who held most power in Rome
Consul Two Roman officials, like kings, who commanded the army and directed gov. w/ limited power
Dictator A leader who had absolute power to make laws and command the army, appointed in times of crisis in Rome
Plebian The lower class citizens who made up the majority of Rome, farmers, artisans and merchants
Tribune Representatives elected by an assembly of plebians to protect the plebians from unfair acts of patricians
Veto A right to reject a decision or proposal made by law-makers
Legion Large military units of Roman soldiers, about 5,000 soldiers
Forum A political center in Rome that was the heart of Roman political life
Julius Caesar A Roman military leader in 60 BC who joined forces with Crassus&Pompey who became elected consul
Pax Romana The period of peace&prosperity in Rome for about 207 years
Punic Wars The wars between Rome and Carthage between 264 and 146
Senate In ancient Rome, the supreme governing body, originally made up only of aristocrats
Coliseum The monumental stadium in Rome
Carthage A powerful city in the Mediterranean that warred with Rome for a long time
Law of Twelve Tables The basis for Roman law, their written law code (of the Republic)
Greco-Roman The culture that came from the mixing of Greek, Hellenistic and Roman cultures
Virgil A poet that wrote the Aeneid
Diocletian A strong willed Roman army leader of 284 AD who brought some order back to Rome
Constantinople Byzantium's new name, named after Constantine
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