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HLTH ch.5


pro before time or in place
di (numbers or quantity) two
tetra (numbers or quantity) four
ana (numbers or quantity) excessive, upward or again
diplo (numbers or quantity) double
pan (numbers or quantity) all
super (numbers or quantity) excessive
dia through
ecto out, without, away from
exo out, without, away from
extra out, without, away from
en inside
end inside
endo inside
infra beneath, under
inter between
intra within
ipsi same
para near, beside, or abnormal
per through or by
retro behind backward
post after, behind
super (position or direction) above, beyond
supra (position or direction) above, beyond
sym (position or direction) joined, together
syn (position or direction) joined, together
trans across
in not or inside
ana upward or again
contra against
brady slow
dys dad, difficult
eu good, normal
mal bad
pro (related to description) favoring, supporting
tachy fast
centigrade/celsius temperature scale, 0 degrees freezing point and 100 degrees is boiling point
ultrasonic sound frequencies so high they cannot be perceived by the human ear
ultraviolet light beyond the visible spectrum and its violet end
transdermal drug a drug that can be absorbed trough unbroken skin
ectopic pregnancy embryo implants outside the uterus
syndrome a set of symptoms that occur together and collectively characterize a particular disease or condition
microtia unusually small size of the external ear
analysis separation of substances into their component parts or elements. Informal term for psychoanalysis
Malaise vague feeling of bodily discomfort and fatigue
lethargy state of dullness, sluggishness, or prolonged sleepiness or drowsiness
fatigue state of exhaustion or loss of strength or endurance
euphoria feeling or state of well being
dysphoria characterized by depression and anguish
malnutrition any disorder of nutrition
megadose dose that greatly exceeds the amount described or recommended
megalocyte extremely large erythrocyte
microcyte abnormally small erythrocyte
analeptic drug that acts as a cns stimulant, such as coffee
semicoma stupor from which the patient may be aroused
nullipara woman who has never born a viable child,
-para woman who has borne viable offspring
pandemic widespread epidemic of a disease, occurring widely throughout a region
primigravidia women pregnant for the first time
primi first
monovision correcting one eye for near vision and the other eye for far vision
ectopic situated in an unusual place; sometimes occurring at the wrong time
hypoalgesia reduced sensitivity to pain
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