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Religion: Final Exam

Good Friday Day that Jesus died
Zappora I am Moses wife
Covenant An agreement with god
Midan Moses ran away to ....
Book is Genesis First book of the bible; story of Noah found here
Ark of the covenant Where the Ten Comandments were kept
Cain I killed my brother
Isaac My father offered me as a sacrifice to God
Sarah I was Isaac's mother; 1st matriarch
Moses Raised as an Egyptain but freed the Israelites from slavery
Steward A person who is given both the authority and responsibility over what he or she cares for
Canaan The promise land
Soul Invisible spiritual reality that will never die
Triduum Liturgical Season from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday
Divine Inspiration The special guidance that the Holy Spirit gave to the human authors of the Bible
Human Dignity The value and worth that comes from being made in God's image
Exodus Tells the story of the Israelites struggle from slavery to freedom
Birthright An inheritance of the first born son
Pentateuch First five scrolls or books of the Old Testament; Books of the Bible that explain God's role
Golgotha I am where Jesus was Crucified
Laws Set down rules of conduct example Ten Commandments
Original Sin First sin of humankind
Faith A gift from god that enables us to believe
Cross The sign of our salvation
Aaron Brother of Moses
Plague An act of judgement by God
Jerusalem Religious capital of Israel
Abraham The first patriarch
Joshua Moses successor
Free will The freedom and ability to choose that God gave us
Red Sea I was parted by Moses
Fable Imaginative story where animals speak
Esau I sold my inheritance for a bowl of lentil soup
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