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W. History Final2014

W. History sem 2 Final

countries under dictatorship during the 1920s Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia.
weaknesses of the Weimar Republic ~Hyper inflation compounded by lack of good economic stimulus. ~Poorly reparations of the war. ~Ineffective leadership.
How did the New Deal stimulate America's economy? Created government programs that put people to work and increased consumption of products which then raised prices.
countries that took over other countries during the 1930s Germany, Japan, Italy.
Effect of war debts on Germany during the Global Depression Their inflation; They printed money to solve their debt issues and ended up making their money worthless.
The Popular Front France- Designed to preserve Democracy. They were fighting within over governmental ideologies between communist factions and right wing conservatives.
Mein Kempt Hitler's book he wrote while in jail. "My Struggle"; explains his political views and plans to strengthen Germany.
Eastern European country that became democratic by 1935 Czechoslovakia
Hitler's main method for achieving Lebensraum Means "breathing room", more land for Germans. Took it from other countries by invading them with "lightning war" tactics.
Invasion of Manchuria ~Japan's attempt at Empire. ~During WWII ~Japan is an island and lacks natural resources, so they took over Manchuria for iron ore and coal deposits.
Members of the Axis Powers Germany, Italy, Japan.
Nonaggression Pact Agreement between Russia and Germany that they would not attack one another.They wanted to divide Poland together. Hitler did not keep his promise.
Leader of the Third Reich Adolf Hitler
Spanish Civil War July 13, 1936-April 1, 1939. Between the Republicans who were loyal to the democratically elected Spanish Republic, and the Nationalists, a rebel group led by General Francisco Franco. *The Nationalists won*
Munich Conference A settlement permitting Nazi Germany's annexation of portions of Czechoslovakia along the country's borders mainly inhabited by German speakers.
Why did Germans start to take Adolf Hitler seriously? They lost faith in their current leader. Financial crisis led to massive unemployment. Hitler employed many in order to build up his military.
Main ideas of Fascism Dictator makes decisions for a country.
Explain appeasement The policy of accepting an aggressive demand in order to keep peace. Policy of choice by European Leaders when dealing with Hitler's aggression. It was the first attempt of peace, but as Hitler continued to invade countries of Europe,they responded w/ war
Il Duce Benito Mussolini (Fascism dictator of Italy)
German political party that fought against Communism Nazi Party.
What did Germany, Japan, and Italy have in common during the 1930s? A desire to form Empires in order to strengthen their countries. Single leader. Militarism. Extreme Nationalism.
Goal of U.S. isolationism US was struggling with their Depression, and did not want to get involved with other country's affairs since they just went through WWI.
Why did Hitler target Jews? Saw them as to blame for Germany's problems, such as their economic crisis. He also used them as a way to increase his power.
Why did the Germans turn against the Wiemar Republic? They lost faith in it because they had agreed to what Germans view as an unfair agreement embedded with the Treaty of Versailles after WWI.
Why did Great Britain and France enter WWII? Hitler invaded Poland.
Germans use of Blitzkrieg "Lightning War". Used of extreme concentrated force to overtake a country.
Charles de Gaulle General and leader of France during Germany's invasion. Set up a French government in exile(FREE FRENCH) in Great Britain to continue to fight Hitler.
British advantages in the Battle of Britain Superior fighting ability of the Royal Air Force(RAF)and the use of radar to detect German advances. The British tenacity-"Keep Calm and Carry On".
Atlantic Charter Allied agreement to work together to trade with one another, (it was an attempt to fight against Axis powers during WWII).
Isoroku Yamamoto Japanese general who led the attack of Pearl Harbor- December 7, 1941.
Bataan Death March Japan won this battle. They took hundreds of U.S. soldiers captive and held them as prisoners of war. Marched them to the prison camps, 65 miles of hard terrain with little food or water.
Battle of Midway Known as the turning point of WWII. A decisive battle of the U.S. Midway Island was VIP to the U.S. as a strategic stopping point to refuel in the Pacific Theater. Victory for the U.S.
"Island Hopping" Created by Douglas MacArthur.
Cities that were extremely damaged during WWII Berlin. Nagasaki and Hiroshima (nuclear bombs).
Country with largest amount of casualties in WWII USSR
Pre-war government that returned to power after the war Belgium
Muremberg Trials Post-war tribunals to ensure justice was done to the Nazis responsible for the Holocaust.
Japanese Constitution Led by General MacArthur. loosely followed U.S. constitution and ended rule by a single emperor
Demilitarization of Japan Led by the U.S. army, so Japan would not be a threat.
Why did Hitler want to take Poland? For room for Germans and to Create a buffer zone between Russia and Germany.
Reasons why France fell to the Nazis They were fighting within over governmental ideologies between communist factions and right wing conservatives.
How did the Japanese build an Empire? Attacking Asian countries
Kristallnacht "Night of Broken Glass", This was where Nazi SS destroyed Jewish businesses and attacked Jewish communities- it was in response to the assassination by a German Jew whose father was deported to Poland.
"Final Solution" The final decision to extinguish the Jews by killing them in concentration camps.
How did the Germans lose at the Battle of Stalingrad? They got caught in the Russian winter. Their weapons and tanks failed from the freezing temperatures.
Who was the head of government in Post-war Japan?
Kamikaze Japanese suicide bombers using planes as torpedoes, especially after they kept losing battles against the U.S.
U.S. internment In reaction to Japan's attacks on U.S. shores. U.S. people thought badly of their fellow Japanese American citizens. They were forced(mainly in the West) to give up their property and live in ghettos.
Why did the US use the atomic bomb? President Truman was convinced that this act would end the war faster and lessen U.S. casualties.
Relation between Holocaust and the Final Solution The holocaust soon led to the idea of the final solution, which was to immediately extinguish the Jews through the use of concentration camps.
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization- between US and Europe to support Democracy.
Marshall Plan US financial aid to European countries- it helped the economy.
Truman Doctrine Support for countries that rejected communism.
the Iron Curtain term from Winston Churchill- to describe the division of Democratic West and Communistic East.
Countries behind the "Iron Curtain" Eastern Block near the USSR
Sputnik I 1st satellite launched into space by USSR
Warsaw Pact Response to NATO pact between USSR and Eastern Europe.
Third world countries Developing countries that lack decisions of government and economy; usually little and largely poor.
Nonaligned Nations that aren't aligned with US or USSR pacts during the Cold War- India for example.
Nonaligned nation India
Bay of Pigs Cuba had a government that the people weren't pleased with.A communist faction wanted Cuba to become Communist. Faction led by Fidel Castro. the failure of the US overthrowing Castro led to the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Where were soviet missiles located during the Cold War? Cuba and Eastern Europe.
Iran hostage crisis Islamic revolutionaries raided American compound in Iran because they were angry with actions the US had taken in the Middle East.
USSR invasion of Afghanistan 1979- USSR invaded Afghanistan. It was unsuccessful and last many years; the US sent aid to the faction which was fighting USSR.
Destalinization Criticism of Stalin's(Russian dictator) many abuses of power.
US and USSR presidents during Cuban Missile Crisis Khrushchev and John F. Kennedy
Successor of JFK LB Johnson
United nations A successor to the unsuccessful League of Nations. 50 countries join at first and then grew.
Containment Truman's policy of containing the spread of Communism into any more countries around the world.
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