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Ancient Greece

Polis A city-state of Greece that was the fundamental unit there
Acropolis A fortified hilltop where citizens of Greek polis met to discuss city government
Monarchy One of the many Greek forms of government, one person ruled
Aristocracy Another type of Greek gov., government ruled by a small group of nobles
Oligarchy Another type of Greek gov., gov. ruled by a few powerful people
Phalanx Side-by-side formation most Greek armies took when fighting
Democracy The Athenian form of government, ruled by people
Tyrant Some rulers in Greece who gained power by appealing to common people for support
Direct Democracy A form of gov. where citizens rule directly, not through representatives
Tragedy A serious drama, scenes are filled with common themes
Comedy Drama where scenes are filled with slapstick situations and crude humor
Alexander the Great Son of Philip II who made great accomplishments as king of Macedonia for 13 years
Homer A blind man known as the greatest storyteller, wrote the Iliad and Odysseus
Peloponnesian War A war between Athens and Sparta
Persian Wars A series of wars in the fifth century BC when Greek polis's battled the Persians
Delian League An alliance the Greek city-states formed to drive the Persians out
Athens One of the 2 most powerful Greek city-states
Sparta The other most powerful Greek city-state
Legislature A part of the Athenian court
Trojan War A 10 yr war that Mycenaeans fought w/ Troy around 1200 BC
Mycenaean What some of the people settled on the Greek mainland around 2000 BC came to be known (they came from Mycenae)
Minoan A seafaring and trading people that lived on the island of Crete from 2000 to 1400 BC
Socrates Believed absolute standards exist for truth and justice
Aristotle A philosopher than questioned nature of world and human belief, thought and knowledge. Came close to summarizing all knowledge of his time
Plato Student of Socrates, author of The Republic
Philip II King of Macedonia who noticed when polis's declined in military and economic power
Macedonia A kingdom just N of Greece w/ cold climate and rough terrain
Philosopher What Greek called thinkers
Epic Narrative poems celebrating heroic deeds
Myth Traditional stories in Greece about their gods
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