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First Age of Empires

Assyria A SW Asian kingdom that controlled a large empire from about 850 to 612 BC
Sennucherib An Assyrian king who burned Babylon
Nebuchadnezzar A Chaldean king who restored Babylon
Satrap A governor for each province of Persia that Darius installed to rule locally
Darius Cambyses successor who was a noble of the ruling dynasty and began his career as one of the king's bodyguards
Cyrus Persia's king in about 550 BC who began to conquer many kingdoms
Royal Road An excellent system of roads that allowed Darius to communicate quickly with the most distant parts of the Persian empire
Zoroaster A Persian prophet who lived around 600 BC that had the answer to why suffering and chaos existed
Confucius China's most influential scholar who lived during the Zhou dynasty decline
Filial piety Confucian belief, respect for parents and ancestors, devoting oneself to them
Bureaucracy Confucius laid the groundwork for, a trained civil service, those who run the government
Daoism The philosophy that has a search for knowledge and understanding of nature which led to scientific discoveries
Legalism The belief that a highly efficient and powerful government was the key to restoring order in society
Lao Tzu The founder of Daoism
Shi Huangdi The name the Qin assumed meaning "First Emperor"
Han Fei-Tzu The founder of Legalism
Mencius The next most famous Chinese philosopher after Confucius
Analects Confucius' teachings
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