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People&Ideas on Move

Indo-Europeans A group of nomadic peoples who may have come from the steppes and settled in India
Brahmin Aryan priests, top of the caste system
Vedas Aryan sacred literature. 4 collections of prayer, magical spells and instructions for performing literature
Aryans Indo-European people that crossed over the NW mountain passes into the Indus River Valley
Caste The 4 major groups in the Aryan hierarchy, renamed from "Varnas," by the Portugese in the 1400s
Mahbarata One of the great epics of India that reflects the struggles that took place in India
Reincarnation Rebirth, the Indian/Buddhist/Hindu belief that an individual soul or spirit is born again until moksha (understanding) of the relationship between atman and Brahman
Karma Good or bad deeds that follows from one reincarnation to another
Jainism One of 2 religions that rose from speculation in the Upanishads, founded by Mahavira
Siddhartha Guatama The founder of Buddhism (Buddha)
Nirvana Buddha's word for release from selfishness and pain that could be reached by following the Eightfold path
Four noble truths Buddha's four main ideas that he had come to understand in his enlightenment
Eightfold path The path Buddhists would follows to overcome desire
Palestine Where the Phoneicans and Hebrews lived
Canaan The ancient home of the Hebrews
Torah The first 5 books of the Hebrew Bible, the most sacred writings in Jewish tradition
Abraham Who God chose to be the "father" of the Hebrew people
Monotheism The belief in one god
Polytheism The belief in multiple gods
Covenant A mutual promise or agreement, especially one between God and Hebrew people like in the Bible
Moses The man who led the Hebrews out of slavery
Tribute A payment made by a weaker power to a stronger power to obtain an assurance of peace and security
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