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ERP Week 4


A wound is; Any injury to the skin
A break in the skin is called a; Open wound
Damage to the underlying tissue WITHOUT a break in the skin is called a; Closed wound
Wound drainage that contains PUS is referred to as; Purulent
Wound drainage that contains SERUM (clear) is called; Serous
Wound drainage that contains BLOOD is called; Sanguinous
Wound drainage that contains blood AND serum is called; Serosanguinous
Eliminating bacteria, FB's and necrotic cells from a wound is called; Debridement
The FOUR stages of wound healing include; 1.Hemostasis 2.Inflammation 3.Cellular proliferation 4.Remodeling
Hemostasis is; Coagulation / Clotting
Inflammation of a wound usually occurs for ?_? days post injury? Four days
Cellular proliferation usually occurs for ?_? days post injury? 21 days
Remodeling of a wound can take up to ?_? years post injury? 2 years
Wounds expected to produce drainage may require insertion of? Wound Packing - Sterile absorbent gauze strips
A common type of sterile wound packing is called? Iodoform gauze
Idoform is; An antiseptic wound packing
Sterile wound packing is packaged in; Various widths
Sterile wound packing is to be removed from its container with? Sterile Forceps
Wound packing is commonly removed from the wound after? 3-5 Days
Wound expected to produce drainage may require insertion of a sterile latex; Wound drain
A common brand name for a sterile wound drain is a; Penrose wound drain
A sterile wound drain would be sutured into a wound to; Promote drainage
A sterile wound drain is commonly removed after; 3-5 Days
Sx and SX of wound infection include; 1.Streaking 2.Purulent drainage (green/yellow) 3.Excessive edema 4.Unusual tenderness 5.Heat
C+S stands for; Culture and Sensitivity
A culture is obtained to; Grow and identify bacterial colonies
A Sensitivity Test is preformed to determine; Which antibiotics will be effective against the identified bacteria
A tetanus immunization is abbreviated; Tdap or Td
A Tdap (Td) must be provided for any open wound unless the patients last immunization was within; 5 Years
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