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ERP Week 4

Assisting with Minor surgery Chpt. 44 pgs. 556-585

The PRIMARY role of the MA in a minor surgical procedure is; To provide the necessary instruments and supplies - without contaminating them
The MA should quickly learn to; Anticipate the needs of the doctor, during the proceedure
Surgical site prep includes; Step 1 1.Washing your hands
Surgical site prep includes; Step 2 2.Donning exam gloves
Surgical site prep includes; Step 3 3.Placing a disposable Chux (blue pad) under the surgical site
Surgical site prep includes; Step 4 4.Cleaning the surgical site with antiseptic solution
Surgical site prep includes; Step 5 5.Allow antiseptic to dry
When cleaning the surgical site you should use; 'Transfer Forceps' and 'gauze sponges' dipped in 'antiseptic' solution
Working in Concentric circles means; Begin at the center of the surgical site and clean in a outward firm circular motion (pg571)
When cleaning a surgical site you should discard the gauze sponge after; Each complete pass
Cleaning in Concentric circles should be done for at least; Two minutes
The prepared surgical site should extend; Two inches beyond the surgical field
When surgical procedures are preformed on a hand or foot, you should; Submerge the entire hand or foot in a basin of antiseptic
Common minor surgical procedures include; 1.Wound irrigation 2.Repairing lacerations 3.Removal of foreign bodies 4.Removal of neoplasms 5.Onychectomy (nail removal) 6.I&D (incision and drainage) 7.Obtain Bx (biopsy) 8.Cryosurgery 9.Electrocauterization
Wound irrigation means; Flushing the wound with sterile water (H2o) or Normal Saline Solution NSS (0.9%)
FB's are AKA Foreign bodies
Removal of neoplasms would include; Nevi (moles) Verrucae (warts)
Onychectomy is; Surgical removal of a nail
Draining an abscess is called; I&D - Incision and Drainage
if performing a Bx, you are; Doing a biopsy
Cryosurgery refers to; The destruction of tissue by freezing
Electrocauterization refers to; Destruction of tissue by burning
Conditions that interfere with effective wound healing include; 1.Poor circulation 2.Aging 3.DM 4.Poor nutrition 5.Poorly controlled stress 6.Weakened immune system 7.Obesity 8.Smoking 9.Sleep deprivation
Created by: adrouillard