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Week 5

Felony A serious crime such as murder, larceny, assault, and rape
Deposition Oral testimony given by an individual with a court reporter and attorneys for both sides present
Defendant Person who defends actions brought on litigation
Libel False and malicious writing about another constituting a defamation of character
Litigation Court action
Malpractice Professional negligence
Misfeasance A civil law term referring to a lawful act that is improperly or unlawfully executed
Slander False and malicious words about another constituting a defamation of character
Plaintiff Person bringing charges in litigation
Tort Wrongful act that results in injury to one person by another
Nonfeasance A civil law term referring to the failure to perform an act, official duty or legal requirement
Subpoena Written command designating a person to appear in court under penalty for failure to appear
Noncompliant Failure to follow a required command or instruction
Arbitration A form of dispute resolution that allows a neutral party to settle the dispute
Emancipated Minor Persons under the age of 18 who are financially responsible for themselves and free of parental care
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