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chap 18 cont 6


If the abdominocentesis is negative a diagnostic peritoneal lavage may be indicated
diagnostic peritoneal lavage consists of infusion of fluid into the abdomen followed by retrieval of the fluid for lab analysis
contraindications are the same as indicated by abdominocentisis
caution should be taken with patients with respiratory distress, as added pressure from fluid will cause pressure on the diaphragm
materials used for DPL are OTN catheter, IV set, isotonic crystalloid, sterile gloves, surgical set, collection tubes, lidocaine, scrub
procedure for DPL is after clipping and cleaning the area, an incision is made caudal to the umbilicus.
once a catheter is inserted and the abdominosentesis is negative 20ml/kg of crystalloid solution is infused and the patient is rocked side to side. fluid either flows freely or is aspirated. catheter is removed or sutured in
what procedure provides a means of obtaining material that is uncontaminated by the oral cavity for culture and cytologic exam. transtracheal wash
what two types of catheters can be used for TTW OTN and TTN
what is the benefit of a TTW it can identify abnormal cells, inflammation cells, parasites, bacteria and fungi
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