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Chpt 31.3,32.2,33.2

Savannas Grassy plain with irregular patterns of rainfall.
Islamist A person who wants government policies to be based on the teachings of Islam.
Coup d'etat The forcible overthrow of a government.
Apartheid A policy of rigid segregation of non-white people in the Republic of South Africa.
Darfur A regioned in western Sudan where ethnic conflict threatened to lead to genocide.
African National Congress (ANC) The main organization that opposed apartheid and pushed for majority rule in South Africa; later a political party.
Sharpeville A black township in South Africa where the government killed ant-apartheid demonstrators in 1960.
Socialism System in which the people as a whole rather than private individuals own all property and operate all businesses.
Desertification Process by which fertile or semi-desert land becomes desert.
Urbanization Movement of people from rural areas to cities.
Endangered Species Species threatened with extinction.
Sustainable Development Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
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