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Western Civ. 3


egypt powerful in __ dynasty 12th
Sesostris 3rd= pharoah interested in _______; ________ ________ in ______ expansion; expands empire, 1800BC
the _____ ppl move into Egypt; _______ group; develop ________; take over most of _______ egypt; _______ egypt hyksos; semiditic; subculture; northern; dominate
Pharoah _______ leads them out of this deal; drives out the ________ b/c he sees them as _________ ahmose; hyksos, problem
then the _____ come; _______ group; ppl think this group will be a _________; ______ tries to get rid of them which links _________ and _________ hebrews, semiditic, problem, ahmose, hyksos and israelites
sesostris 2nd- ???; Sesostris 3rd- there when _______ is growing powerful for ____ yrs. while _____ lives in _______; then, ahmose comes to power and ppl know nothing about him=no connection to ______, does not know his history hoseph iterprets his dreams; joseph, 200, israel, peace; joseph
ahmose has ppl build ______ & ______; therefore enslaving the ________ Rameses, pithom, israelites
Amenhotep 1st was ________; wrote a decree to ______________ (lots of _____=lots of _____) throw them in _____ oppresive; kill hebrew males; hebrews, warriors; Nile
_______, ______, & ________ kill babies too: ________ Americans, china, sparta, abortions
date when moses is born ____BC because in exodus, he was around ____ yrs old which was _____BC 1526; 80; 1446
_________ came to power; father of ________ Thutmose 1st; hatshepsut
hatshepsut married _____ (her _________) in order to ____________; he _____ thutmose 2nd, half brother, have a shot at throne, dies
hatshepsut dresses up like a _____ and rules through _____ (her _______), but he has no ______ until _______ man; thutmose 3rd (step son); power, she dies
moses: in hebrew means ________, in egyptian means ____; sister ________; mom puts him in a reed __________; pharoah's daugter _______ drawn forth; son; miriam; basket; adopts him
hatshepsut and pharoahs daughter= flagrant __________ against ________; this is _____ (______________) for ______ life disobedience, father, providence (display of god's power), moses
moses was born to show _____ ______; God setting moses up as a great ______ (great ________ & __________); miriam get moses _____ to raise him- she is a _______; Miriam also has great __________ & _________ god's glory; leader; education, upbringing; mom-nuse; education, upbringing
we do not know anything about the first ___ yrs of _____ life 40, moses
moses kills an _______; _____ him; and then runs away to ________ b/c he would have been punished by ______; Moses spends ____ yrs in this place egyptian; buries; midian, pharoah; 40
Abraham+Keturah=_____, father of ______; _______ is high priest of these ppl midian, midianites, jethro
in midian, mosers finds ______ and marries this mans daughter ______; they have __ sons & moses makes his living by being a ________ jethro, zipporah, 2, shepherd
during these 40 yrs, __________ is ruler of egypt and he wants to _____ _________; after 40 yrs. this paharoah ______ thatmose 3rd, kill moses, dies
god is ______ __________ and has told the ppl he will _____________________________, so god _______ them, hears _________, and begins ________ covenantally faithful; bless earth through them; acknowledges, groaning, working
Theophany: _____________ but not ________ burning bush but not consumed
bush _____ at _____; reaction would be to ___________ or __________ yells, moses, run, back away
this is 1st time god has revealed himself in ____ yrs 400
moses says "..." here i am
bush says "...", b/c you are on ___ _____ dont come near, holy ground
bush came to _______ ppl and lead them to land flowing w/ _______ & __________; bush picks _______ to _______ but he says his is ___________ deliver, milk, honey, moses, lead, unqualified
moses asks what he tells ppl about who ____________; god says to tell them "..." sent him; I AM
I AM comes from _______ (______ word); it means __ ___; 1st person singular form= __ ___; 3rd person singular= __ ___; in hebrew= _____; w/ vowels= ________; transaliteration= ________; in bible= ____; ______ is ______ _________of god hayah (hebrew); to be; i am; he is; YHWH; Yahew; Jehova; Lord; yahew, covenant name
jesus is ______ in ______ yahew, NT
Moses is still _____ b/c he does not want to ____; so god changes ____ to _______ and back; then he tells moses to stick hand in coat and gives him _____ (_____) and back; this it to prove the point that _____________________ scared, die, rod, snake, leprocy (white), god can do anything
god tells moses he will even change ______ to ___________ if ppl dont believe; but moses still ________ god water, blood, doubts
god is _____, moses is _____ and an ________, aaron _______ (_____) angry, scared, embarresement, helps (speaks)
God _________ ____________ heart, NO MATTER WHAT PHAROAH DID hardened pharoahs
*_________ is experet at torture *seria
Moses is about to go meet aaron, wants to ________ _____; wife is ____ about it, so she... Bible does not _______ it circumsise; mad; circumsises son and thows foreskin at him; hide
initial encounter w/ pharoah is a ________; Pharoah will not let israelites go and now they must...; so israelites want to ______ moses and aaron find own straw but produce same amount of bricks; stone
aaron turns ________ into _____ and says let us go; magicians turn ________ into ____ but Aaron's ____ magicians'; Pharoah stil says _____ so the ________ come serpant, rod; serpant, rod; eats; NO, plagues
1st plague: specifically in _______; ___ die and _____; sun could dry it up and form ______; a lot of _______ die b/c no _____/_______ (_______); _________ do the same thing; God is telling pharoah that... water to blood; nile; fish, smell; scabs; ppl, water/food (fish); magicians; nile is center of their world/economy/their god but is not to him
Second Plague: frogs everywhere and in everything
Third plague: also called ________; magicians _____ do it which proves that God is ________ lice; sand knats; cant; superior
fourth plague: ______is where the ________ live and is not attacked; pharoah says ____, just tell God to __________, but then he changes his mind flies; goshen, israelites; go, take the flies away
Fifth Plague: on all ________ except those belonging to ___________ cattle disease; livestock; israelites
Sixth Plague: Gross, ____ constantly, ________; magicians could not ______ _______ moses b/c of _____ boils; pop, painful; stand before, boils
Seventh Plague: God says he is _________ up _________ so God can show his ________ and ________ but still ________ __________ _______; no hail in _______; hail is so big that it kills _____ and _______, and tears up _______ hail; raising, Pharoah, glory, power, hardening Pharoah's heart; Goshen; crops, animals, ground
eigth plague: god asks pharoah and us- How long before you _______ yourself before God; either do this or god will ________ you; servants tell pharoah to let ppl go b/c...; pharoah says ______ but ____; so ____ come in swarms; so many that land looks ____ locusts; humble; destroy; they are afraid of dieing; yes, lies; locusts; black, eating
ninth plague: so _____ it may even be _____; egypt is so terrified that they don't even leave ______ b/c 1. 2.; ______ has light; pharoah says if moses ever sees pharoah again, pharoah will ____ moses darkness; dark, felt; house, cound not get back if left, familiar with surroundings; israel; kill
darkness shows God's ________ over egyption god _____ who was the ________ superiority, Ra, sungod
tenth plague: celebration of ________ comes from this plague- this commemorates ______ (_______); kills ___ and ________; someone dies in every ________ death of 1st born; passover, exodus, deliverance; ppl, animals; household
shows God's ________ over _____ and _____, gods of ______ and _________ superiority, isis, osiris, death, afterlife
It is the ___ of _____ (______) when God's says it is the beginning of the new year; ppl are to tether ______ to post and slaughter it on ____ day; blood is to be taken and applied to _______ 10th, Abib, mison; lamb 14th; doorpost
7 day feast (_______ ___ ______ _________)- eat _________ ________, _______ ________, and _____; are to eat ____, be packed, dressed, and ready for _______; to _____ themselves feast of unleavened bread- unleavened bread, bitter herbs, lamb; fast, journey; purify
lamb is type of _____ (______ specifically calls christ the ______ of ______)- similarities: #7 christ, Paul, Lamb, God; male, spotless, sacrifice, blood is effectual, no bone broken, in prime, fire
pharoah is _____ b/c he loses his ______ upset, 1st born
god makes israelites ______: egypt wants israelites to _____ so they give the israelites w/e they ______= israel becomes a _______ _________ rich; leave, want; wealthy, nation
____ elep (________/_______) men; probably means _______ 600, thousand, military contingent, military contingent
ppl crossed ___ _____ (____ _____): problem is we dont know ___________________ yam suph, reed sea, where it is
celebrate feast of _______ ________ for ___ days in ________; must ______ all 1st born _________ and ______ (___________); redeem by offering more ______ unleavened bread, 7, wilderness; sacrifice, animals, ppl (ppl to lord not kill); lamb
god leads israelites around ________ (on the way to _________) b/c he thinks that these ppl will have a ________ __________ on the israelites philistines, canaan, negative influence/impact
pharoah _______ israel and _______ them chases, catches
theofany- God takes form of a _____ of a ______ by ______, and a pillar of ______ by ______; this is how God ____ israel pillar, cloud, day; pillar, fire, night; leads
God makes Egypt _______ israel to show his ______ and ______ by ______ them chase, power, glory, destroying
Pharoah says why did we ____ the ____ go let, ppl
pharoah and army come which makes Israel _______; they ______ and ask why God ____ them out of Egypt to ____; this is a _______ sin of _______; their mentallity is _____ and a lack of ______ scared, complain, took, die, thematic, israel, unbelief, faith
jesus tells parables to...; some ppl saw miracles but still did not ______ b/c God ______ their hearts; many ______ in Israel (______ ______) keep ppl who arent suppose to understand from understanding, believe, hardened, blind (hardened hearts)
Israel did not help God b/c he does not _____ our help; we just have to do what he says, wait, and _______ need, believe
God told moses to raise his _______ and walk across the _______; Egyptians will follow and be ________ for God's _____ and ________ staff, sea, destroyed, glory, honor
fire leading israel moves to the _____- called _____ _________; seperates israel from ______; then lets ________ die back, rear guard, egypt, egypt
egyptian chariots first become hard to ______; egyptians realize that ______ is fighting for _______ and egyptians are ______ but pharoah's heart is _________ drive, God, israel, stupid, hardened
moses raises his hand and _____ returns and kills _________; Israel now _______ and write a ______ to God water, egyptians; believs, song
________ was the Pharoah at the time of Exodus; his son _______ became next Pharoah- he was not the _______; proves that he lost his _______ son Amenhotep 2nd; thutmose 4th; firstborn, firstborn
Thutmose 4th built the ____ _______- a monument placed between the ______ of the ______ of ______; inscribed though not _______ would be the next ______ dream stella; feet; sphinx, cheeops; oldest, monarch
israelites praise God for His ________; he led the way to ______ (means _______ b/c water too ______ to drink) a 3 day journey ______ of crossing point- average days journey is _____ miles; Moses cast a _______ into the water to make it ______ b/c ppl com holiness; marah (bitter, bitter), south, 15; plant, drinkable
then israelites went to ______ (means ______- there were how many of these ___) there were ___ wells, it was a great _____ elim (palms, 70); 12, oasis
wilderness of sin- israel begins to long for _____ where they had a variety of ____; they begin to ______ even though 3 days ago they saw the ______ ______ _______ Egypt, food; complain, Red Sea split
Lord gave israelites ______ and ______; Israel asks what is _______; it is kind of like a ____ ______ quail, manna; manna; graham cracker
Lord gives ppl twice as much food on ___ day for the _______ on the ___ 6th, Sabbath, 7th
next they go to _______; they ______ b/c they want _______; moses hits a _____ and ______ comes out; 1/2 billion beings need the ______ of _______ Rephidim; complain, water; rock, water; lake, water
________ are nomades and 1st _______ _______ on the Israelites; Moses held up his hands w/ _____ in it- ______ prevaild; when he put his ____ _______- _____ prevailed Amalekites, enemy attak; rod- Israel; hands down- Amaleck
______ and ______ supported his hands Aaron, Hur
God will destroy ________; israelites built an _____ called ______________ which means ______________________ Amalek; altar, Yahweh Nissi, The Lord is my banner
Jethro gives a _____ ________ to the Lord to ______ in God and ______ be Yahew burnt offering, rejoice, blessed
Jethro sees that ______ is overworked- he must _______ ________; Jethro gives him the ______ that he needs a _____ _________ Moses, settle disputes, advice, court system
Moses is not in Midian at __ ______ where the _______ (___ _____) will be established Mt. sinai, theocracy (God's rules)
This is the nation that will receive ______ ________; Hebrews have ______ but no ______; so God gives them the ______ in ___, _______, and _________; therefore, __ ______ is birthplace of theocracy covenant blessings, traditions, law, law, gov., society, worship, Mt. Sinai
Moses is the ________ between Yahew and ________ (the _________) mediator, Israel, covenant
God calls Moses to mt and tells him to remind isral what God has ___ for them and that he will _______ the _______ done, enlarge, covenant
but Mosaic covenant is _______; ____=_______; ______=_______; you ______ what you _____, what you ______ gonna _____ conditional, obey=blessings; disobey=curses; reap, sow, plant, grow
then, there was ______ and _______ on the mt thunder, lighting
The Lord descends upon mt. in ______ while top of mt is _______ fire, black
God tells moses to set _______ around mt. b/c if anyone touches it, they will _____ except _________ boundaries, die, moses
theocracy is ______ _______ or the ______ of the ________; in that is _____ _______ God's rules, book, covenant, 10 commandments
10 commandmants are major part of ____ law and were never _______ moral, abdocated
Commandment 1 and Commandment 2 are ... and ...; 1 refers to ______ you worship and 2 refers to _____ you worship No false gods, Don't worship the true God with images; what, how
Some say no images in ______ only- ex. bull in church- reveals that God is _____ and _____ but conceals also- bull is _____ and _______; the problem is not what the image ________ but what the image _______ worship; strong, mighty, dumb, ugly; reveals, conceals
Some say no images at all b/c the pics become _______ in your mind- ex. jesus is attractive/unattractive; problem is film cannot show how christ bore _____ ______ and is now ______ and ______ actuality- unattractive; God's wrath, King/creator/ruler
God's wrath is huge and _________; _______ bore it; hell also is where ____ is ______ and prepared for _______; it could be literal _____ of it could be refering to ________ eternal; jesus; God, absent, Satan; fire, judgement
Commandment 3 is ...; very ______ in the OT; ex. gorups who copy OT _____ when they get to name of ________, ______, ______, write name, _______, _________; to show ________ dont take the Lord's name in vain; serious- stop, God, bathe, pray, bathe, pray; reverance
1st table is commandments ___-___ and concern ______; 2nd table is commandments ___-___ and concern ______ 1-4, God; 5-10, Man
All commandments are repeated in NT except #___ (_______________________); some takes this to mean it is not _______ in NT; ____________ is the science of interpretation; some say it is still effective b/c... 4, keep sabbath day holy; validated; hermaneutics; God did not revoke it
Sabbath is a ________ _________/it came from the time of _________; it is the only commandment that starts w/ "____________"; emphasizing that God set an ________ for us creation ordinance/creation; Remember; example
God is the _________ for our practices; he did not need _______ but he did it to set a _________ for us motivation; rest; pattern
_________________ is the Lord of the _______; the _________ was made for _______, not the other way around; _________ needs a day of rest Son of Man, Sabbath; Sabbath, man; everyone
israel goes to gather manna on the Sabbath; Lord asks them why they are breaking the ___________________; but the _____________ have not been given yet 10 commandments; 10 commandments
3 types of works typically allowed on Sabbath and what they mean: mercy- do something for someone; piety- religous discipline; necessity- a task that cannot wait
jewish Sabbath was from _______ on _________ to ________ on ________ sundown, friday, sundown, saturday
10 commandments were drawn by _____ of _______ into _______; he wrote commandments _______; allows for no _________; SERIOUS finger, God, stone; himself; mistakes
Lord says to ________ the man that was collecting firewood on the Sabbath; shows that the Sabbath is _______ to God and we should take it _______ stone him in front of all of Israel; important, seriously
ppl are doing their business on the Sabbath, Nehemiah call this act _____ and says he will _______ _________ an them if they do it again evil, lay hands
Isaiah says do not do _____ _______ ____ or ______ ______ ______ ________ on Sabbath; call it a day of ________ what you want, seek your own pleasure; delight
Jesus was continually ________ about the ________ by the _______; but jesus never ______ the commandment and also never ___________ it confronted, Sabbath, Pharisees; broke, revoked
Sabbath has been ________; ex. changed form _________ to _________ b/c that is when _______ ______ ____ ______ modified; saturday, sunday, Jesus rose from dead
Commandment 5: ...; includes _______ but is more than that- it in in effect ____ _____ ____ not just as ______; most teen ___ ______ parents are dumb and it effects our culture's views on _______; parents are _____ centered and give kid control honor parents; obey, all your life, kids; tv shows, parents; child
WARNING: if you allow kids to do what they wnat, when they are old, they will ______ ______ from ______ of ________ not depart, ways, selfishness
commandment 6: ...; based on giving _______ in a _____; ___ ppl had to _______; witnesses had to tell _______ lie; testimony, trial; 2, testimony; truth
Commandment 7: ... steal
Commandment 8: ...; has been _______ by ________ culture as _______ adultry; accepted, american, normal
Commandment 9: ...; do not _____ for ___ _______; _______ of ________ enabled samson to _______ muder; kill, no reason; spirit Lord, kill
Commandment 10: ...; def- _____ what others have to the pt of ______ coveting; wanting, competition
opposites; 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 worship true God; honor Lord's name; tell truth; value property; be faithful; value life; be content and thankful
________ and _________ are foreman for project of tabernacle; requires _______ and the ______ ________ Bezaleel, aholiab; precision, holy spirit
Moses is recieving the ______ of the _______ on Mt Sinai so it takes a ______ time; ppl think he is ______ book, covenant, long, dead
aaron rallies ppl and decides to hold a ________ for Yahew; this was to ______ themselves and so God would have ______ on them festival, focus, mercy
aaron tells everyone to bring him their ____ ________; he makes a _______ _____ and ________ it to God gold earrings; golden bull, dedicates
festival turns into an _______; so God interups meeting w/ moses and says he will _____ ppl; moses ______ that doing this would not bring God _______; God _____ ____ ______ orgie; kill; argues, glory; changes his mind
anthropomorphism:...; Moses cannot understand God's ______ b/c God is not ________; we don't know how to explain that God ______ ______ _______ w/o ________ ______ _____ trying to explain God in human terms; anger, human; Changed his mind, changing his plan
God could have been proving that _____ ______ prayer matters
God shows _______ on israel grace
Moses hlam 10 Commandments down and physically _______ them; Israelites _________ break them breaks; spiritually
Moses smashes and grinds _____ ______ and makes the israelites ______ it gold image; drink
moses yells at aaron who says he did not ____ to make the _____; moses drws a line in the sand to seperate those on the _____ side- when ________ gain religous authority in _______ and ____ all those who _______ (____ ppl) mean, bull; Lord's- Levites, Israel, kill, oppose (3000)
moses (who is ________) turns back to God; moses says if you destroy _______, ______ me too; God has _______ again mediating, israel, kill/destroy
moses wants an encounter w/ God to see his _______; God says moses will _____; God puts him behind a ______, covers moses w/ ____ _______, and lets him see (out of a _____) a tiny part of the _______ of God's _______ glory; die; rock, His hand, crack, trail, glory
after the tabernacle is finished God fills it w/ his _______, t/f moses cannot ______ glory, enter
________ and _________ are aaron's son and _________; they offer _____ _____ to God and he _______ them b/c he did not tell them to do that Nadab, Abihu, priests; protane fire, devours
Regular principles say...; informative principles say...; NT says these are elements of worship: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.; these are aids not elements: 1. 2. 3. do only things that God commands in worship; you can do anything that is not forbidden; pray, preach, sing, read word, give, confess faith, baptise, communion; microphone, hymnal, bulletin
_________ means church nad is told to gather on a certain day and do certain ________ of worship Ekklesia, elements
We should not do other elements? 1. 2. 3. drama, children's church, special music
children's church is _______ segmentation
Amen means _______ true
you can tell the ______ and still have _______ truth, unity
moses was commanded to # the ppl and they were to march in a ________ ______; ________ in middle, _________ surround, __ _____ surround on each ring particular order; tabernacle, levites, 3 tribes
3 groups/sons of levites/levi __________, __________, ____________ Gershinites, sons of merari, kahathites
levites are ______ ________/_______ of israel; each has a different _____; ex. furniture, transportation, scraifices, etc religous servants/priests; job/function
after ___ yr, the israelites pack up and go; they ________ about ________ and ______ _______ one, complain, meat, egyptian spices
God appoints ___ elders to help ______ b/c he cannot _______ the ppl alone; God then brings ______ but the ppl _______ it 70, moses, handle; quail, hord
_________ __________- is the plague God sends against Israel b/c they fight over food: it means ____ ___ ___ _______ Kibroth Hattaavah: graves of the sinning
Moses marries an ________ (_________); sister ________ and brother ________ say it is not right and he should marry a ________ person ethiopian (african), miriam, aaron, hebrew
God tells the ppl that Moses is different and has a ______ ________ w/ God; God gives miriam _________ and tells the ppl to send her out and he will ______ her personal relationship; lepracy, heal
______ ________ is oasis town that israelites stayed in before they go into _______ Kadesh Barnia
Moses trys to find how to take promiseland so he sends ______; 1 from each of the ___ ______; 10 come back and say it is _______ and we are _______ to them; 2 (_________&__________) said that israelites should _______ ____=__________ spies; 12 tribes; horrible, small; (Joshua&Caleb) take it=faith
both groups see same things but through different eyes- joshua and caleb through eyes of a _______ believer
entire congregation is convinced that they _________ go; God wants to _____ ppl; moses says it wont bring him _______; God has mercy but ppl must ____ in ______ for ____ so they will _______ and _____ _____ promise land; ppl want to _______ moses and aaro cannot; kill; glory; wander, desert, 40 yrs., die, not enter; stone
except _____ & _______ Joshua and caleb
some ppl charge canaan to show their ______ and that they know they _________; they ____ faith, sinned; die
Rebellion against godly leadership of Moses; _______, ________, and _______- say godly leaders don't ______ leadership b/c they are _______ and causing _________; these 3 stir up entire ___________; God wants to _____; moses __________; God _________ Korah, Dathan, Abiram; deserve, stupid, problems; congregation; kill, mediates, pardons
moses say lets see if I should be leader; if you ______ in normal way (_____, _______, _______) then I ______ deserve leadership; if you ____ in strange way (_____ ____ __ ____ ______ ____) then I ______ deserve ledership: what happens??? die, disease, starvation, old, dont; die, earth opens up and swallow you, do; earth swallows all tents, ppl, family, and possessions of the 3 men
still today we _____ against leaders and God takes it ________ rebel, seriously
ppl are still not convinced that aaron deserves leadership; break _____ branch and whoever's branch ______ deserves leadership; _____ blossoms which is a ___________ almond, blossoms; aaron's, miracle
Israelites move into desert of ______- _______ dies; no ________, want _______; moses asks God for _______ Zenn, Miriam, water, Egypt, water
God tells moses to ______ to the _______ and tell it to bring water but moses talks to ______ (_________) and takes credit w/ _______ for _________; then _____ rock w/ his ____ instead of ______ to it talk, rock, ppl (rebels), aaron, miracles; hits, rod, talking
moses cannot enter _______; to whom much is _______ much is _______; moses had a ________ w/ _________ and a great _______ in life promiseland; given, required; relationship, God, status
moses tries to go through _______ to ________; ppl say _____; easy to ______; moses says these ppl and israelites are ______ (_____ AND ____); still ____ Edom, Canaan, NO, defend, brothers (jacob, esau), NO
moses tries to go outside of _____ to _____ then changes mind and goes _______; no ____; ppl hate _______ and God sends fiery _______; ppl start to _____; build _____ _________ and look at it for _________ Edom, north, south; water; moses, serpants; die; bronze serpant, life
bronze serpant is type of ________; look at ____ to be healed _______ and look at _____ to be healed __________ Christ; Christ, spiritually, serpant, physically
ppl reach north of ______ (planes of ______); ______ issues; defeat king ______ of ________ and king ______ of ________; both say that israelites cannot enter their ______ and then are _____; but israels biggest problem is ______ Edom, Moab; military; Sibon, Ammorites; Og, Bashan; land, killed; spirtually
Balak is king of _______; can't beat _____ unless does something different; gets ________ ________ to curse israel moabites, israelites, sorceror balaam
balak says give him what he wants so he will ______ israelites; God says _____ go curse, dont
balak sends ppl to tell him they will give him _____ he wants; says stay and I will talk to ______; God says _____ go but do only what i _____ you whatever; God; do; tell
God gets _____ when Balaam leaves; sends an ________ to kill him if he _____; donkey _____ out; Balaam _______ it; donkey says ______; balaam: b/c you ______ me and I would _______ if i could; donkey: have i ever ____ this _____; balaam: _______; balaam s angry; angel, goes; freaks; beats; why; abused, kill; done, before; NO; angel, bows; sinned, turn back; can
Balaam goes w/ _____ and they give a _____ to _____-______; only ______ come out of ______ mouth balak, sacrifice, Baal-Peor; blessings, Balaam's
Ballaam has associations w/ _______ and _____-_____ Yahew, baal-peor
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