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Ch. 3 Test

When the new National Convention met in 1792, what form of government did the radicals create? a republic
The Third Estate was The largest of the estates.
Who resisted the ideas of the Declaration of the Rights of Man? Louis XVI
Which country was able to remain outside Napoleon's European empire? Britain
The economic crisis in France was caused by bad harvests, deficit spending, and costly wars.
How did the National Assembly hope to pay off the national debt? by selling Church lands
What kind of government did the Constitution of 1791 set up? a limited monarchy
The Reign of Terror gave away to the Directory phase of the revolution in which the dominant political force was the bourgeoisie
Which if the following European powers was Napoleon unable to conquer? Britain
In France's old order, the clergy belonged to the First Estate
The cheif goals of the Congress of Vienna were to preserve peace through a balance of power and restore monarchies
How were the sans-culottes different from the Jacobins? They were working class; Jacobins were middle class.
What war tactic helped the Russians defeated Napoleon? scorched earth policy
one of the main leaders in the Reign of Terror Robespierre
head of the French National Guard who fought alongside George Washington Marquis de Lafayette
the old order in which France was divided into three social classes ancien regime
French middle class bourgeoisie
war tactic involving hit-and-runs raids guerrilla warfare
method for carrying out executions during the Reign of Terror guillotine
executed for demanding equal rights for French Women Olympe de Gouges
popular vote by ballot Plebiscite
a notebook listing grievances cahier
the right to vote suffrage
tactic of war that burns crops & villages scorched earth policy
The radicals in the Legislative Assembly Jacobins
Pride in ones country nationalism
a popular military hero Napolean
term for social class in France estate
incorporate into an empire annex
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