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Global review

global definitions

Bolshevik member of the 1917 Russian revolutionary group
civilization community characterized by elements such as a system of writing, development of social classes, and cities
limited monarchy legislative body limits the monarch's power
monotheistic belief in one god
neolithic the period of human culture characterized by the development of a system of settled agriculture
animism belief that every living and nonliving thing in nature has a spirit
crusades series of religious wars fought between Christians and muslims from the late 1000s to the mid-1200s
boxer rebellion event in 1900 in which a group known as boxers assaulted foreign communities across china
magna cartta a charter signed by the English king john in 1215 that placed limits on the king's power
dharma in Hinduism, the moral and religious duties that are expected of an individual
manorialism economic system structured around a lord's manor, or estate
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